20+ Must-Have Chrome Extensions for the Ultimate ChatGPT Experience


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20+ Must-Have Chrome Extensions for the Ultimate ChatGPT Experience
Blog / 20+ Must-Have Chrome Extensions for the Ultimate ChatGPT Experience

Enhance ChatGPT with 20+ Best Chrome extensions for ChatGPT. Boost productivity, language support, and unlock advanced features for AI-powered conversations.

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    Welcome to ChatGPT's interesting universe, a diverse AI chatbot that is transforming text-based conversation.

    But did you realize that you could further increase its functionalities?

    You may customize ChatGPT to meet your unique demands, whether they be ones for efficiency, creativity, or customization, with the best Chrome extensions for ChatGPT.

    We've collected a list of more than 20+ best ChatGPT addons in this post to help you get the most out of the ChatGPT Chrome extension.

    Prepare to transform how you interact with ChatGPT. Let's start now!

    Best ChatGPT Chrome Extension

    1. TweetGPT

    ChatGPT is used by people from all over the world for a variety of things.

    TweetGPT Chrome Extension

    This AI chatbot has been used by many users to create tweets on a variety of subjects or to provide insightful responses to other users.

    However, to do so, you must go to the ChatGPT website, enter your tweet, and wait for a response. This addon fixes that issue. Users may quickly access TweetGPT because of the TweetGPT Chrome plugin, which embeds TweetGPT right inside Twitter.

    TweetGPT Replay

    The "New Tweet" dialogue box will display a robot icon after the installation is finished. To select a different tone for your postings or comments, tap the robot icon.

    TweetGPT provides a variety of voices, including amusing, sarcastic, upbeat, excited, clever, and even rustic.

    Any of these can be selected by tapping, and ChatGPT will automatically create the tweet for you.

    2. Engage AI

    Responding to postings on LinkedIn is one of the most challenging tasks when working with social media.

    But don't worry, Engage AI is here to assist you with your LinkedIn engagements just as TweetGPT does for your tweets.

    The ChatGPT Chrome addon is a helpful tool for facilitating comments on various social media networks.

    Similar to the aforementioned additions, Engage AI provides users with a variety of emotional tones, including amusing, hostile, celebratory, friendly, and interested.


    Once chosen, Engage examines the post carefully and creates a pertinent reply in response. Users can repeat an iteration as many times as necessary to acquire the desired result.

    To alter the AI's communication style, you may also provide unique prompts. Additionally, Engage AI is free, allowing you to get as many answers as you desire.

    3. WebChatGPT

    Despite its rational, comforting replies and substantial knowledge base, ChatGPT fails in one crucial area: It lacks access to the most recent web information. ChatGPT's comments are outdated for occurrences that took place after that year because its expertise is restricted to 2021 data.

    But one of the most popular ChatGPT Chrome extensions, WebChatGPT, aids in lowering this obstacle.

    WebChatGPT Review

    By incorporating relevant site results for whatever query you ask, this add-on improves the bot.

    The addon enabled ChatGPT to search the web for pertinent links when you provide a hint. The bot then displays search results and reads the links to gather data.

    Additionally, there are a number of filters available for you to choose from, including time range, region, and number of results. A toggle option allows users to turn off the extension and return to ChatGPT's standard features.

    Although the add-on lengthens the written answer to many pages, I believe it is a worthwhile compromise. However, it raises questions about the use of copied material.

    4. Perplexity AI

    The GPT-3LLM and its seamless interface with the global Internet are harnessed by Perplexity AI, an intelligently created search engine.

    When a user poses a question, Perplexity mixes its own datasets with the internet knowledge base to provide thorough answers.

    This Chrome plugin stands out for its meticulous citation of sources, which significantly helps with information verification.


    Perplexity AI is very adept at comprehending specific content, whether it is a single webpage or a whole website.

    This implies that you may utilize AI to thoroughly examine and question a lengthy content if you find yourself becoming mired down in it.

    Perplexity AI undoubtedly stands out as a top-tier ChatGPT Chrome plugin thanks to its adaptability and effective quotation.

    5. Prometheus

    Are your hands sore from typing all day at work? It will be a comfort to go on to ChatGPT and have some nice online talks.

    In fact, using the Prometheus Chrome extension to communicate with ChatGPT is a more efficient option than spending hours typing.


    Download and install the extension first. When finished, just press and hold the spacebar to begin a chat on ChatGPT. Your spoken words will be accurately converted to text by ChatGPT, who will also thoughtfully respond to your queries.

    Don't forget to grant users the required access to the microphone for easy communication.

    6. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

    Try the 'YouTube Summary with ChatGPT' Chrome extension if you're a busy professional who feels pressed for time and doesn't want to waste hours viewing lengthy YouTube videos but still wants to grasp the main points of the film.

    This ChatGPT Chrome add-on, developed by social web highlighter tool Glasp, instantly converts any YouTube video into a detailed script.

    This is accurate! It provides a whole script that is deliberately split with timestamps for your convenience, going beyond a simple synopsis.

    Simply install the Chrome extension to begin utilizing YouTube Summary with ChatGPT.

    When you play a YouTube video after installing the extension, a 'Transcript and Summary' option will appear. By selecting it, you may produce the whole transcript and choose to use Open AI to summarize it.

    Simply copy and paste the transcript into ChatGPT and ask for a succinct summary to be provided.

    With this Chrome extension, you can quickly access the main points of any YouTube video, which will save you a lot of time and work.

    7. Fancy GPT

    FanyGPT stands true to its name, being similar to ShareGPT but with a touch of beauty. You may share discussions in a number of forms with this ChatGPT Chrome extension, including links, eye-catching pictures, PDFs, and plain text files.


    Your ChatGPT threads are improved by FancyGPT, which also gives them a nice aesthetic and gives you amazing saving options.

    You may simply look back on your chats in the future or readily share them with your coworkers thanks to the opportunity to incorporate excellent photos, searchable PDFs, and easily accessible text files.

    Discover the beauty of FancyGPT as it elevates your ChatGPT interactions and gives you the tools to present and safeguard your talks in a sophisticated and elegant manner.

    8. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

    Just as powerful research leads to good scores, a well-written prompt produces relevant answers. For a better conversation experience, explore technologies like ChatGPT and ChatGPT Prompt Genius.

    ChatGPT Prompt Genius

    Learn about the potential of the open-source Chrome plugin ChatGPT Prompt Genius, which features a curated selection of exceptional prompts taken from a subreddit.

    Not only does ChatGPT offer a user-friendly interface for searching, sharing, and accessing top signals, but it also gives you the option to locally preserve your conversation history. This makes it simple for you to go back on and analyze previous chats whenever you choose.

    9. Compose AI

    Compose AI is a helpful ChatGPT Chrome plugin made with the intention of making email composition simpler.

    Compose AI

    This addon fits effortlessly into any text field thanks to its seamless automation features, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. Notably, Composer excels in effortlessly creating various types of emails.

    You may create messages more quickly with a more simplified platform by simply activating its shortcodes (//).

    With Compose AI, which offers a variety of capabilities including outlines, bullet lists, headers, paragraphs, phrases, thoughts, and even email composing, discover a world of possibilities. Simply type your use case and click Enter to communicate it.

    The AI will provide a skillfully constructed output that is spectacular and enjoyable in less than 30 seconds.

    Compose AI kindly provides 1,000 words for free, and for a little charge of $9.99, you may unlock the power to produce 15,000 words every month.

    10. ChatGPT for Google

    Use an open-source Chrome extension created for ChatGPT's integration with well-known search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo to fully use ChatGPT for Google.

    ChatGPT for Google

    This addon gives you succinct responses to your search questions directly from ChatGPT by smoothly fusing ChatGPT's responses with typical search results.

    With the official OpenAI API built in, this Chrome extension gives you access to all of ChatGPT's features from a handy popup window. Enjoy a customized and aesthetically pleasant interaction with Markdown rendering, code highlighting, and the choice of dark mode.

    11. TeamSmart AI

    This outstanding ChatGPT addition, TeamSmart AI, delivers a full suite of AI agents, in contrast to other ChatGPT extensions that concentrate on a small number of functions.

    TeamSmart AI

    Each virtual agent specializes in a particular field; Mark, a software engineer, answers questions, while Rose, a mental coach, offers assistance when things become tough. 

    Experience TeamSmart AI's flexibility and knowledge in one potent expansion.

    12. ChatGPT Writer

    Use ChatGPT Writer's full authoring ability right in your browser. By logging into OpenAI, this plugin, which was created specifically to produce emails and messages on all websites, runs autonomously.

    ChatGPT Writer

    Simply click the extension to access its features; a request to enter the necessary information will appear.

    ChatGPT Writer gives you the ability to quickly and easily create relevant emails and messages that are suited to the context you desire, whether you're starting a new discussion or responding to one that has already occurred.

    13. Talk-to-ChatGPT

    Talk-to-ChatGPT has many characteristics with Prometheus but sets itself apart by including the extraordinary capacity of voice-based interaction.

    Talk To ChatGPT

    Use voice commands to easily connect to ChatGPT on the web, and take advantage of the ease of getting replies that are produced by cutting-edge speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies created exclusively for Google Chrome.

    This outstanding ChatGPT Chrome extension supports many different languages and gives users control over voice recognition, text-to-speech language selection, and managing bot answers in general.

    14. Wiseone

    A premier ChatGPT Chrome add-on for readers called WiseOne boldly offers itself as an AI-powered reading assistant.


    The main goal of this amazing application is to streamline the reading process for various content types while maintaining their structural integrity.

    Wiseone demonstrates a special aptitude for comprehending and processing textual data of all types by blending smoothly into the browser window.

    It meticulously discovers complicated areas, effectively deconstructs them, and aids readers in understanding them.

    15. Merlin

    Merlin is a unique ChatGPT addon that functions flawlessly with all types of web browsers. You may instantly access ChatGPT’s featured on numerous websites, from well-known search engines like Google to well-liked email services like Gmail, using just the Cmd+M key combination.

    This extraordinary addon prioritizes user privacy while still being cost-free. By offering several useful features, it seeks to boost effectiveness and save crucial time.

    Merlin makes sure that your online experience is more efficient and interesting by offering succinct summaries of YouTube videos, automatically producing email answers, and even driving AI-guided social interactions on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

    16. ChatGenie

    Introducing ChatGenie, a novel browser plugin that seamlessly incorporates OpenAI's ChatGPT's powerful features into your surfing experience.


    Accessing ChatGPT's capabilities is simple with ChatGenie. Get rapid answers directly from search result pages on reputable search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and more, or just launch ChatGPT intuitively from the context menu, quickly access it through the navigation bar (omnibox), and more. But with just a few clicks, ChatGenie simplifies the entire process.

    Additionally, ChatGenie periodically pings the system to ensure lengthy and unbroken ChatGPT sessions, enabling uninterrupted chats.

    17. ChatSonic

    Introducing ChatSonic, a remarkable ChatGPT Chrome plugin that unlocks the power of AI to improve your writing experience across several platforms including Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, HelpScout, and the broad web.


    You may easily write emails, social network posts, support tickets, and other types of textual communication using Chatsonic.

    This amazing plugin enables you to produce content with the greatest simplicity and effectiveness by providing a vast choice of writing templates split over several categories, including marketing, sales, customer assistance, and personal productivity.

    ChatSonic is an easy-to-use user interface that enables you to quickly browse your writing history and save draughts with only a few clicks. Additionally, it expands its language support to meet a variety of linguistic requirements.

    18. ReaderGPT

    Let me introduce you to ReaderGPT, a useful tool for effectively organizing your online reading activities. By utilizing ChatGPT's strength, it excels at producing succinct summaries for text-based web pages, enabling you to easily understand the main points of lengthy articles or blog entries.

    The broad library of sample prompts available in ReaderGPT's settings allows you a wide range of choices for determining the best method for summarizing a particular piece of material that piques your attention.

    By using ReaderGPT, you may increase reading productivity, spend less time reading and more time focusing on gleaning important information from an article.

    19. Superpower ChatGPT

    Dedicated folders for organizing AI talks are a unique feature introduced by this Chrome addon. Create folders, drag and drop pertinent chats into them, and you may quickly restore them afterwards. efficient and practical.

    Superpower ChatGPT

    SuperPower ChatGPT distinguishes itself with a variety of extra features. It makes it possible to store many personalized prompts, search for prompts online, and change the language, writing style, and tone of voice.

    Chats on ChatGPT are simple to download since they sync with your smartphone without any issues. Despite having such noteworthy features, SuperPower is available for free download. Try it to not miss out!

    20. SciSpace Copilot

    Summarizing a YouTube video might be easy, but digging into the exhaustive research ups the difficulty a notch.

    SciSpace Copilot

    Enter Syspace CoPilot, a remarkable ChatGPT Chrome addon made to break down complicated explanations into manageable chunks.

    This addon, which was created for research papers, is a vital ally and aid in your academic activities.

    21. YouTubeDigest

    Let us introduce you to YouTubeDigest, a remarkable plugin that uses ChatGPT AI to quickly and simply create thorough summaries of YouTube videos using auto-generated transcriptions.


    You have the freedom to select from a range of summary types using YouTubeDigest, such as bullet points, paragraph summaries, or article-style overviews.

    Additionally, you may customize time restrictions and easily convert information across languages.

    This plugin also gives you the ability to export your summary in PDF, DOCX, or plain text formats for easier sharing and reference.

    YouTubeDigest improves your surfing experience by enabling you to sample video material before watching the whole thing, saving you time.

    22. OpenAI GPT-3 For Gmail


    With the amazing OpenAI GPT-3 for Gmail extension, you can experience the strength of OpenAI GPT-3 in your Gmail inbox.

    It naturally offers ideas to enhance your email composing by utilizing ChatGPT AI.

    This feature-rich extension works seamlessly with Gmail, guarantees language compatibility across the board, and even provides the ability to repair typos.

    This privacy-focused plugin helps you create emails and messages more efficiently and allows you to create sophisticated conversations with maximum effectiveness.

    Final Words

    Last but not least, the addition of these 20+ indispensable best Chrome extensions for ChatGPT experience to new heights.

    These ChatGPT extensions offer a complete toolset to unlock the full potential of ChatGPT, from boosting productivity and improving workflow to introducing cutting-edge features and expanding language support.

    Each extension enhances your ChatGPT experience in a different way, whether it's to facilitate voice engagement, plan AI chat, create summaries, or help with email authoring.