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Cape GPT
If you are looking for a way to enhance your chat experience with ChatGPT, a powerful artificial intelligence tool that can generate natural language responses based on your input, you might want to check out Cape GPT, a Chrome extension that adds several features to ChatGPT.
Browser Extension
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Cape GPT is developed by rahat3062, a user who wanted to make ChatGPT more interactive and live. He created Cape GPT to give superpowers to ChatGPT users by providing them with 7+ features that ChatGPT does not offer by default. These features are:

- Speech to text: You can use your voice to input your messages instead of typing them. This can save you time and make your chat more natural and conversational.
- Answer readout: You can hear the ChatGPT responses spoken out loud by a synthetic voice. This can make your chat more engaging and immersive.
- OCR feature: You can scan any computer-written text from an image and input it into ChatGPT. This can help you get ChatGPT's opinion or feedback on any text you find online or offline.
- Search engine feature: You can use ChatGPT as a search engine by typing in your queries and getting relevant web results. This can help you find information or answers quickly and easily.
- API feature: You can use ChatGPT as an API tool by connecting it to your private API servers. This can help you access and use ChatGPT's capabilities for your own projects or applications.
- Notes feature: You can take notes of your chat with ChatGPT and save them for later reference. This can help you remember important points or insights from your chat.
- Reply feature: You can reply to any ChatGPT response by clicking on a button and typing in your reply. This can help you continue the conversation without having to scroll up or down.
- Download feature: You can download your chat with ChatGPT as a text file and store it on your device. This can help you keep a record of your chat or share it with others.

Cape GPT is easy to install and use. You just need to go to the Chrome Web Store and add the extension to your browser. Then, you need to go to chat.openai.com, the official website of ChatGPT, and start chatting with the AI. You will see a Cape GPT icon on the top right corner of the website, which will open a panel with all the features available. You can also watch a tutorial video on how to use Cape GPT effectively.

Cape GPT is compatible with Chrome and Edge browsers, and it works best with quad-processors and minimum graphics devices. It also requires good media devices for the speech to text and answer readout features. The developer of Cape GPT requests users to give a rating for his small project and inform him about any bug or problem in the support section. He also updates the extension regularly with new features and improvements.

Cape GPT is a great way to make your chat with ChatGPT more fun and productive. It gives you superpowers that ChatGPT does not have by default, and it allows you to customize your chat experience according to your preferences and needs. If you are interested in trying out Cape GPT, you can download it from the Chrome Web Store for free and start chatting with ChatGPT today!

  •  It enhances the ChatGPT experience by making it more interactive and convenient.
  •  It allows you to use ChatGPT for various purposes such as learning, writing, researching, etc.
  •  It gives you more control over ChatGPT by letting you choose your own API server and speed up the response time with the Thunder feature.
  •  It requires a Chrome browser and a ChatGPT account to work properly.
  •  It may not be compatible with some devices or viewports due to its CSS design.
  •  It may have some bugs or errors that need to be reported and fixed by the developer.

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