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Channel is a platform that allows you to ask data questions in plain English and get answers from your connected database. You don't need to know SQL or any other programming language to use Channel. You can also explore your dataset and get insights that you might not have thought of before.

Channel also helps you collaborate with your team and share your data findings with beautiful visualizations.

Channel is currently in beta and supports four common data warehouses: Postgres, MySQL, BigQuery, and Snowflake. You can sign up for free and start using Channel in less than an hour. Channel is secure and encrypts your credentials and query results. Channel also learns from every question it's ever asked and prompts you to ask the questions that really matter for your business or organization.

  •   You can ask data questions in plain English and get answers quickly.
  •  You can get beautiful visualizations for your data automatically.
  •  You can explore your dataset and discover new insights with Channel's suggestions.
  •  You can collaborate with your team and share definitions of important terms.
  •  You can connect your own data warehouse and use your own S3 bucket for security.


  •  Channel is still in beta and may have bugs or errors
  •  Channel may not support all the data warehouses or query types you need.
  •  Channel may not understand complex or ambiguous questions well.
  •  Channel may not offer enough customization or flexibility for your data analysis needs.
  •  Channel may not be compatible with your existing data tools or workflows.

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