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If you are looking for a way to stay on top of your business metrics, news, emails, and other sources of information without feeling overwhelmed, you might want to check out Lookup. Lookup is a service that lets you create your own personalized digest with the help of artificial intelligence. Here is how it works:
Free Trial

- You can add your sources from various tools and feeds, such as Stripe, Google Analytics, email newsletters, RSS feeds, Twitter, and more.
- You can schedule your digest to be delivered to your inbox at the frequency and time that suits you best.
- You can get insights in your inbox with AI-powered summaries that give you the key points of each source.

Lookup has a free plan that allows you to create unlimited digests with up to 10 blocks per digest and up to 3 data integrations. It also has a collaborative workspace feature that lets you share your digests with your team members. Lookup is planning to launch a pro plan soon that will offer more advanced features, such as more AI features and more data integrations.

If you are interested in trying out Lookup, you can visit their website at https://www.uselookup.com/ and sign up for free.

  •   You can integrate various sources and tools such as Stripe, Google Analytics, email newsletters, RSS feeds, Twitter, and more 
  •  You can schedule your digest frequency and delivery time according to your convenience 
  •  You can get AI-powered summaries and insights without having to read everything 

  •  The service is still in beta and some features are not available yet 
  •  The pricing for the pro plan is not clear and may be expensive for some users 
  •  The service may not cover all the sources and tools you need or want 

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