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Meet Millie
Meet Millie

Meet Millie

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Meet Millie
Meet Millie is a dating assistant app that helps you get 100% response rate on dating apps. It uses artificial intelligence to give you personalized advice on how to chat with your matches. You can access Millie anytime, anywhere, through WhatsApp.

- You sign up for Meet Millie and connect your WhatsApp account.
- You tell Millie about your dating situation and preferences.
- Millie scans your matches and suggests the best ones for you.
- Millie sends you the perfect opening message to start a conversation.
- Millie guides you through the chat with tips and tricks on what to say and how to say it.
- Millie helps you move from online to offline by suggesting when and how to ask for a date.

Meet Millie is not a bot or a fake profile. It's a smart and friendly assistant that wants to help you find love. You can try it for free and see for yourself how Millie can improve your dating game.

  •  You can get 100% response rate on dating apps with Millie's help.
  • You can access the best pick up artists skills, in WhatsApp, 24/7.
  • You can get personalized answers to your date's messages, based on your dating situation and preferences.
  •   You may lose your authenticity and honesty by using someone else's words to communicate with your date.
  •  You may not develop your own dating skills and confidence by relying on Millie's advice.
  •  You may face ethical issues and legal risks if your date finds out that you are using a dating assistant app.

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