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Prodigy AI
Prodigy's AI tools are free to use and aim to make the job hunting process easier, faster, and more enjoyable for software engineers. Prodigy also respects the privacy of its users and allows them to control who can see their profile and data.
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Prodigy is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to help software engineers improve their careers. It offers various tools and services, such as:

- Career Coach: A chatbot that gives personalized advice on how to achieve career goals, such as getting a promotion, finding a new job, or learning new skills.
- Skill Challenger: A quiz that tests core dev skills with multiple-choice questions generated by AI. It also shows how one ranks against other developers globally.
- Job Scout: A reverse job search that matches developers with the best opportunities based on their profile, skills, preferences, and availability. It also provides feedback and answers questions about the target companies.


  • It offers free AI tools for software engineers to improve their careers, such as Career Coach, Skill Challenger, and Job Scout.
  • It uses the latest AI technologies, such as ChatGPT and custom matching algorithms, to provide personalized and relevant advice, challenges, and opportunities.
  • It respects the privacy of the users and allows them to set their profile visibility and control their data.

  •  It is still in beta stage and may have bugs or errors in its AI tools or platform.
  •  It requires users to upload their resume, link their Github, and verify their skills to get matched with jobs, which may be time-consuming or inconvenient for some users.

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