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Validly is a software tool that helps product teams conduct user research faster and easier. It automates the recruitment, scheduling, and interviewing of potential users, and uses artificial intelligence to analyze the transcripts and generate insights.
User research is essential for creating products that solve real problems and meet user expectations. However, many product teams struggle with finding the time, resources, and skills to conduct effective user research. Validly aims to solve this problem by simplifying the user research process and making it accessible to anyone.
With Validly, product teams can:
- Reach out to potential users and invite them to schedule an interview
- Run video interviews with built-in transcription and summarization features
- Ask questions and get instant insights from the transcripts using natural language processing
- Share and collaborate on the findings with their team members
Validly is currently in beta and offers free access to product teams who join the waitlist. It claims to help product teams uncover rich insights 10x faster than traditional methods and embed continuous discovery into their workflow.
If you are interested in learning more about Validly or signing up for early access, you can visit their website at https://validly.app.
  •  It helps you check your writing for plagiarism and grammar errors.
  •  It offers a free trial and affordable plans for different needs.
  •  It integrates with popular tools like Google Docs and WordPress.
  •  It provides detailed reports and feedback on your writing quality.
  •  It supports multiple languages and formats.
  • It may not detect all types of plagiarism or errors in your writing.
  •  It may have some false positives or negatives in its results.
  •  It may not work well with some browsers or devices.
  •  It may have some limitations on the number or size of documents you can check.
  •  It may not cover all the citation styles or sources you need.

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