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Education Assistant

Edaly is a platform that aims to revolutionize remote education using AI. It connects learners worldwide to quality education providers, regardless of their location.
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It also offers personalized learning experiences, career guidance, and administrative support for both educators and students. Edaly is not affiliated with Edly, a different platform that provides alternative funding solutions for college students. Edaly is currently in beta and invites interested users to join their waitlist.

  • Edaly connects learners with the best education providers, regardless of location.
  • Edaly uses advanced AI technology to provide personalized learning experiences and adapt to students' needs.
  • Edaly simplifies the administrative and logistical aspects of teaching for educators.

  • Edaly is still in the waitlist stage and not available for everyone yet.
  • Edaly may face competition from other online education platforms that offer similar features or services.

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