Discover the Top 10 AI Tools for Marketing | Boost Your Marketing Strategy


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Discover the Top 10 AI Tools for Marketing | Boost Your Marketing Strategy
Blog / Discover the Top 10 AI Tools for Marketing | Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Unlock the power of AI with these top 10 AI tools for marketing. Streamline your campaigns and enhance customer engagement for marketing success.

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    If robots in movies and television shows are any indicators, we may have expected an era full of robot aides by this point.

    Robots now clean our homes, make our breakfast, and even take our calls while speaking confidently in a British accent.

    Artificial intelligence (AI) already exists, even though it may be a long way off from that futuristic concept.

    AI technology can make our working lives easier by automating some daily duties, even though it won't bake our eggs in the morning.

    The appropriate AI tools may also help marketing teams be more productive, creative, and fun.

    Let’s explore top 10 AI tools for Marketing


    Jasper AI

    Jasper is a modern artificial intelligence marketing tool made to produce excellent social media posts, emails, landing pages, and articles.

    The application generates writing with a human-like quality thanks to OpenAI's innovative GPT3-model.

    In addition, it offers built-in templates for the AIDA, Feature to Benefit, PAS, and Before-After-Bridge frameworks, guaranteeing a smooth process of content production. Jasper effortlessly produces appealing text by merely including your company's name or item.

    Additionally, e-commerce businesses can easily generate product descriptions by using this effective AI application.

    Jasper's click-of-a-button capability simplifies the process by automating everything from titles and meta descriptions to Amazon product bullet points and descriptions.

    Key Features of Jasper:

    1. Jasper employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology that combines machine learning and natural language processing for improved performance.
    2. Jasper connects smoothly across platforms and devices, providing a simplified and consistent user experience.
    3. Jasper manages a variety of activities, simplifying difficult procedures, from appointment scheduling to data organization.
    4. Jasper can handle a variety of issues and offer accurate and illuminating information thanks to its versatility and vast knowledge base.
    5. By using Jasper as your virtual assistant, you may streamline your processes, save time, and concentrate on activities that are most important to you, which will boost your productivity and efficiency in general.

    2. GrowthBar


    If you are looking for a way to create high-quality, SEO-friendly blog content faster and easier, you might want to check out GrowthBar.

    GrowthBar is an AI writing tool that helps you research, write, and optimize your blog posts in minutes. Here are some of the features and benefits of using GrowthBar for your content creation needs.

    GrowthBar is a powerful AI writing tool that can help you create SEO content that Google loves in a fraction of the time.

    It is loved by thousands of marketers, bloggers, and agencies who use it to grow their organic traffic and revenue.

    Key Features of GrowthBar:

    1. It has a 5-day free trial that lets you test its features and see the results for yourself.
    2. It has over 50 templates for different types of content, such as blog posts, product descriptions, email copy, and more.
    3. It uses OpenAI's GPT-3, the most advanced natural language model, to generate high-quality and original content.
    4. It can also generate images using AI, which can make your content more engaging and attractive.
    5. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and does not require any coding skills to use.

    3. Optimove


    Discover the power of Optimove, a cutting-edge customer data platform whose AI-based capabilities are revolutionizing marketing.

    Optimove offers a consolidated picture of all information in a single dashboard by smoothly combining data from several platforms.

    With the help of this complete platform, firms can easily analyze, communicate, and plan their marketing campaigns.

    Businesses can acquire useful insights from analyzed consumer data with the aid of Optibot, Optimove's AI technology.

    Optibot finds recommendations that can be put into practise, such ending campaigns based on losses, and it detects clients who might be receiving too many contacts from the business.

    Utilize Optimove's capabilities and its AI-powered solutions to improve marketing performance and enable data-driven decision making.

    Key Features of Optimove:

    1. Optimove is a customer data platform.
    2. Leveraging AI Capabilities for Improved Marketing Strategies is known as AI-Based Marketing.
    3. A consolidated view of data from numerous platforms is provided by a unified dashboard.
    4. Produce actionable insights from customer data that has been analyzed.
    5. AI tool Optibot assesses consumer communication risk and suggests campaign improvements.

    4. Ocoya


    Ocoya is a powerful platform that helps you create and manage your content marketing strategy with AI.

    Whether you need to design graphics, write captions, shorten links, or schedule posts, Ocoya has you covered.

    You can use Ocoya to generate engaging and high-converting content for various platforms, such as social media, blogs, newsletters, webpages, and more.

    Ocoya also integrates with popular tools like Canva, Facebook, Instagram, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

    With Ocoya, you can save time and effort on your marketing campaigns and grow your online presence.

    Key Features of Ocoya:

    1. It offers a variety of features for social media management and content generation, such as AI copywriting, graphics, scheduling, analytics, hashtags, ecommerce and link shortener.
    2. It supports multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, Google and YouTube.
    3. It allows collaboration with teams or clients to plan and review campaigns together.
    4. It has official partnerships with some of the channels it supports, such as Facebook and Instagram.
    5. It has a free trial option and affordable pricing plans.

    5. Acrolinx


    Modern marketing software enhanced by artificial intelligence precisely aligned content with brand standards.

    This extraordinary tool is used by major market leaders like Google and Amazon to maintain consistency throughout all of their marketing collateral.

    Businesses can easily build their distinctive brand identity by personalizing style, tone, and syntax, and even using company-specific jargon

    Utilizing AI, the software meticulously evaluates the text and offers insightful ideas for improvement, raising the level of quality overall.

    Key Features of Acrolinx:

    1. AcroLinux ensures impeccable language quality and stability.
    2. Create guidelines to match your unique brand voice and style.
    3. Get instant suggestions for improving your content.
    4. Seamlessly handle content in multiple languages.
    5. Integrate AcroLinux with your existing content creation and management tools for a streamlined workflow.

    6. Howler AI

    Howler AI

    Journalists' inboxes are inundated with an excessive number of pitches.

    However, your team may significantly increase the likelihood that your email will not end up in the dreaded trash by using Howler.AI.

    You can successfully link your pitch with an existing audience of journalists by using a hyper-targeted strategy. 

    Howler AI assists you in developing and fine-tuning your pitch, enhancing its appeal and sparking attention.

    Additionally, Howler AI carefully selects journalists who closely fit your industry and sector from a vast database of 600,000 journalists. Based on their prior written works or publications, this clever search.

    Key Features of Howler AI:

    1. Howler AI helps you compose and refine compelling pitches to generate interest.
    2. Align your pitch with the reporters' current audience for maximum impact.
    3. Access a database of 600 thousand journalists based on their past works or publications.
    4. Increase the chances of your email standing out and avoiding the trash.
    5. Howler AI optimizes the pitching process, saving time and effort for your team.

    7. Adverity


    Marketers constantly want to have access to additional data, and Adverity comes to their aid by offering an integrated and thorough perspective of your marketing analysis. 

    With the help of this priceless feature, your team can quickly spot new trends and learn insightful things, giving you the capacity to make high-quality judgments based on solid information.

    The Adverity platform also includes data governance, guaranteeing that your data is accurate and of the highest caliber.

    Additionally, you get the advantage of keeping total control over your data in a single, centralized location. With its pre-built connectors and no-code templates, Adverity makes the procedure simple and does not require coding knowledge to use.

    Key Features of Adverity:

    1. Adverity provides a single-pane view of your marketing analytics, consolidating data from a variety of sources for a comprehensive overview.
    2. The platform helps uncover trends and insights, helping you make better decisions based on valuable information.
    3. Adverity ensures the completeness and high quality of your data, maintains data integrity and reliability.
    4. You can maintain complete control of your data from one centralized location, simplifying data management and access.
    5. Adverity provides pre-built connectors and no-code templates, enabling easy use of the platform without the need for coding expertise.

    8. Grammarly

    Grammarly is the ultimate companion for impeccable writing. Whether you're a student, professional, or content creator, Grammarly is here to elevate the quality of your written work and help you communicate with confidence.


    Grammarly is more than just a grammar checker—it's a comprehensive writing tool that offers advanced features to enhance your writing style, clarity, and effectiveness.

    From grammar and spelling corrections to word choice suggestions and sentence structure improvements, Grammarly ensures that your writing is error-free and polished.

    With its intuitive interface and seamless integration, Grammarly supports you across various platforms and applications, ensuring consistent and accurate writing no matter where you work.

    Take advantage of Grammarly's comprehensive feedback, personalized insights, and writing enhancements to convey your ideas with precision and impact.

    Elevate your writing game and unlock your full potential with Grammarly as your trusted writing lifesaver.

    Key Features of Grammarly:

    1. Grammarly identifies and corrects grammar and spelling errors in your writing, ensuring accuracy and professionalism.
    2. Grammarly offers suggestions to improve the clarity and readability of your writing, helping you convey your message more effectively.
    3. Grammarly provides alternative word choices and vocabulary suggestions to diversify and enhance your writing style.
    4. Grammarly's built-in plagiarism checker detects instances of plagiarism, safeguarding the originality and integrity of your work.
    5. Grammarly offers guidance on adjusting your writing style and tone to match the intended audience or purpose, allowing for more impactful communication.

    9. Manychat


    While looking for AI marketing tools, we came across several services that facilitate the creation of blog articles and emails.

    An outstanding AI technology exists, though, that goes above and beyond and converses with your customers in actual conversations.

    By utilizing natural language processing to interactively react to questions and messages across a multitude of channels, including Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger, SMS text messaging, and WhatsApp, ManChat revolutionizes the consumer experience.

    ManChat, which was created with a single goal in mind, shines in one particular area: enabling prompt responses to customer communications sent via social media platforms and text messaging services.

    Through seamless audience participation, this chatbot improves the overall consumer experience.

    Key Features of ManyChat:

    1. ManyChat enables engaging and interactive conversations with customers through natural language processing.
    2.  The tool supports popular platforms such as Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger, SMS text messages, and WhatsApp, ensuring wide reach and accessibility.
    3. ManyChat provides instant responses to customer messages, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement.
    4. ManyChat acts as an automated chatbot, which efficiently handles customer inquiries and messages on various social media platforms.
    5. With ManyChat, customers enjoy a seamless and personalized experience, as the tool enables effective communication and interaction with businesses.

    10. SurferSEO

    Surfur SEO

    Surfer SEO is an AI-powered SEO tool that helps you write content that ranks. It does this by analyzing the SERPs for your target keywords and providing you with information on how to optimize your content for better search rankings.

    Surfer SEO can help you with every step of the content creation process, from ideation to optimization.

    Once you have published your content, Surfer SEO can also help you track its performance in SERPs. This will help you identify areas where your content can be improved and changes can be made accordingly.

    If you're serious about SEO and want to write content that ranks, Surfer SEO is a valuable tool. It can assist you with every step of the content creation process, from ideation to optimization.

    Key Features of Surfer SEO:

    • Surfer SEO can help you identify the right keywords to target for your content. It does this by providing you with a list of keywords that are relevant to your topic and that have the potential to drive traffic to your website.
    • Surfer SEO can help you create a content brief that outlines the key points of your content and the structure of your article. This will help you stay on track as you write your content and ensure that it is optimized for search engines.
    • Surfer SEO can help you optimize your content for search engines by providing you with insights on the following:
      • The optimal keyword density for your content.
      • The length of your content.
      • The use of headings and subheadings.
      • The use of images and videos.
      • The use of internal and external links.
    • Surfer SEO can help you analyze the SERPs for your target keywords and provide you with insights on how to beat the competition. This includes information on the keyword density, length, and structure of the top-ranking articles.
    • Surfer SEO can help you track the performance of your content in the SERPs. This includes information on your keyword rankings, organic traffic, and click-through rate.


    In conclusion, the emergence of AI tools has significantly changed the marketing landscape. With their advanced capabilities and features, these top 10 AI tools for marketing provide immense value to businesses.

    From creating compelling content and optimizing campaigns to increasing customer engagement and providing data-driven insights, these tools empower marketers to achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively.

    Embracing the power of AI in marketing is no longer a luxury but a necessity to stay ahead in today's competitive market. By incorporating these AI tools into their strategies, businesses can unlock new opportunities and achieve success in their marketing efforts.