Top 10 AI Tools For Sales To Skyrocket Your Revenue And Sales


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Top 10 AI Tools For Sales To Skyrocket Your Revenue And Sales
Blog / Top 10 AI Tools For Sales To Skyrocket Your Revenue And Sales

Step into the future of sales with our handpicked selection of the 10 most powerful AI tools. Drive conversions, boost productivity, and dominate your market!

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    In today's competitive sales landscape, leveraging technology is critical to success. Artificial intelligence (AI) in particular is transforming sales enablement and operations. 

    According to Gartner, more than 80% of technology providers will integrate AI capabilities such as virtual assistants and predictive analytics into their sales-related products by 2020.

    For sales teams looking to increase revenue and increase productivity, implementing the right AI tools is essential.

    These intelligent apps can automate repetitive tasks, present powerful insights, and engage prospects like never before.

    Top AI sales tools augment human capabilities to help sales reps focus on building relationships and closing deals.

    This blog reveals the 10 most effective AI sales tools on the market right now. Whether you're looking to acquire leads faster, analyze customer data, improve pitches, or streamline CRM workflows, these AI-powered solutions have you covered.

    Read on to learn how artificial intelligence can boost your sales, revenue, and success. 

    With the right technology stack, your sales organization can leverage machine learning and automation to accelerate growth and gain competitive advantage.

    Top 10 AI Tool For Sales

    1. Oliv AI

    Oliv AI

    Oliv AI, your ultimate sales assistant for seamless sales process monitoring. By analyzing extensive sales recordings, Oliv AI uncovers the most effective discovery calls and prevalent customer objections, offering invaluable curated insights.

    Sellers are motivated to conduct thorough pre-call research, while receiving real-time conversational guidance.

    This empowers them to take smart, strategic steps and ensure a consistent, delightful purchasing experience for every customer. With Oliv AI, sales managers can harness the power of AI for unparalleled sales success.

    Key Features of Oliv AI:

    • Oliv AI excels at monitoring the sales process, providing sales managers with a comprehensive overview of team performance and identifying areas for improvement.
    • With the ability to analyze hours of sales recordings, Oliv AI uncovers valuable patterns, highlighting best-performing discovery calls and common customer objections for data-driven decision-making.
    • Oliv AI generates curated insights from its analysis, offering actionable suggestions to optimize sales strategies and boost overall team productivity.
    • Sellers and sales representatives are encouraged to conduct comprehensive pre-call research, equipping them with essential information for more engaging and personalized customer interactions.
    • During live interactions, Oliv AI provides real-time conversational insights to sellers, guiding them towards intelligent and customer-centric responses, resulting in a consistent and satisfactory purchasing experience.

    2. Tavus


    Tavus is a platform that allows you to create personalized videos for your audience using artificial intelligence.

    You can record one video and Tavus will generate thousands or millions of variations with different voice and visual variables for each viewer.

    This way, you can connect with your customers, prospects, or fans in a more engaging and human way.

    Tavus uses advanced AI technology to clone your face and voice and create realistic videos that look and sound like you.

    You can customize your videos with any variables you want, such as names, company names, locations, or even entire sentences.

    Tavus will also sync your lip movements and facial expressions with the audio to make the videos more natural and convincing.

    Key Features of Tavus:

    • Natural Language Understanding: Seamless interactions, complex queries understood effortlessly.
    • Personalized Customer Engagement: Tailored experiences, stronger connections.
    • Intelligent Recommendations: Smart product and service suggestions, increased sales opportunities.
    • Sentiment Analysis: Understanding customer emotions, enhancing satisfaction.
    • Multichannel Support: Versatile communication, consistent customer support.


    Warmer AI

    In the business world, it is important to establish relationships with potential prospects or recruits through cold outreach.

    Still, crafting an engaging opening email and gathering relevant information on these prospects can be a daunting task. Enter, the ultimate solution to this challenge.

    With its cutting-edge AI features, revolutionizes email personalization by automatically incorporating recommended touchpoints like rewards, interests, job titles and more to suit each prospect. Result?

    Sales teams have seen increased responses, secured more meetings, and reclaimed valuable time to focus on higher-level sales efforts.

    Adopt and experience the power of efficient and effective cold outreach like never before.

    Key Features of Warmer.AI:

    • Warmer.AI provides a conversational AI platform to build chatbots, voice assistants and other conversational interfaces powered by deep learning and NLP.
    • The platform supports building assistants that can converse with users over voice and text channels like phone, web, mobile apps etc.
    • It provides pre-built modules for capabilities like speech recognition, natural language understanding, dialog management, text-to-speech etc. This simplifies bot development.
    • Warmer.AI offers support for building assistants that can converse in multiple languages. Developers can build bots for global audiences.
    • The platform comes with analytics to track bot performance with metrics like conversation sessions, resolutions etc. It also has monitoring for logs and alerts.

    4. Pipedrive


    Pipedrive's sales AI reviews your historical deals and activities to provide personalized recommendations on timing follow-ups to advance deals.

    The assistant serves as an automated sales coach, constantly surfacing data-driven guidance to optimize your workflow for better results.

    All prompts from the AI can be accessed in a centralized feed, enabling transparency across the team. This allows everyone to stay updated on the latest recommended actions to progress deals.

    Key Features of Pipedrive:

    • Pipedrive provides a centralized system to manage the entire lifecycle of a deal from lead to close.
    • The software helps organize and prioritize leads with tools to score leads, automate follow-ups and convert leads to deals.
    • It integrates with email platforms like Gmail to sync emails with deals and leads. 
    • Pipedrive enables tracking of calls, emails, meetings and other activities associated with deals and leads.
    • Users can generate customizable reports on sales performance.

    5. Drift


    Among the most popular tools in this category is Drift. Originally launching as a chat platform, it has evolved into a robust AI-powered sales software.

    Drift aims to boost sales productivity and deal closure rates through artificial intelligence automation.

    This makes it an attractive option for SMBs and larger enterprises alike that want to streamline lead generation and sales workflows without expanding headcount.

    Key Features of Drift:

    • Drift's conversational bots can qualify leads, book meetings, and answer FAQs 24/7.
    • Drift automatically scores leads based on engagement metrics to identify sales-ready prospects.
    • Hot leads are instantly routed to the right sales rep using lead scoring and custom rules.
    • Emails and chat conversations can be tailored for each lead with merge fields and triggered messages.
    • Drift provides analytics on conversations, lead engagement, sales team performance, and ROI reporting.

    6. Clari


    Clari stands out as a top sales enablement platform designed for modern sales organizations.

    The platform empowers sales reps to close more deals by providing them with optimal sales collateral, tools and data-driven insights. Clari uses real-time deal data to generate continuous, automated forecasts across representatives, territories, channels and product offerings. 

    Additionally, it provides comprehensive visibility into sales rep activity, customer/prospect engagement and current deal status.

    Key Features of Clari:

    • Clari uses AI to predict deal closure dates and probability.
    • Real-time forecasts are generated from historical data and rep input.
    • Emails, calls, and meetings are automatically logged to provide visibility into rep activities.
    • Sales playbooks and best practice content is provided within Clari.
    • Proactive alerts notify reps about at-risk deals and accounts about to churn.

    7. Regie AI

    Regie AI is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to help revenue teams create and personalize sales content.

    Whether you need to write blogs, social posts, email campaigns, or sales sequences, can help you generate high-quality content in minutes. also has a content management system that allows you to access and use your existing collateral, such as case studies, testimonials, videos, and more. is trusted by many go-to-market teams who want to boost their sales productivity and engagement with prospects. is not just another generic AI tool. It can build a custom generative large language model that speaks in your brand voice and uses your performance data, creating content that is uniquely yours. also has a Chrome extension that lets you research contacts, analyze emails, and rewrite text on the fly. With, you can save time, money, and resources while delivering relevant and personalized sales messaging.

    Key Features of Regie AI:

    • Regie provides briefing notes, talking points, and meeting reminders to prep reps before calls.
    • Real-time speech recognition and NLP identify cues to guide next steps during sales calls.
    • Regie offers comparisons between a company's offering and competitors' products.
    • The platform detects objections and arms reps with responses in real-time during calls.
    • Regie provides feedback to reps on how to improve based on call analysis.

    8. Cresta


    Cresta is a software company that provides AI solutions for contact centers.

    Their products use generative AI to analyze customer conversations and provide real-time coaching and assistance to agents.

    Cresta claims that their platform can help contact centers increase sales efficiency and effectiveness, improve customer satisfaction, and uncover business insights.

    Key Features of Cresta:

    • Cresta provides reps with live call guidance, objections, and responses.
    • Speech recognition and NLP analyze calls to surface insights.
    • Machine learning scores leads based on various engagement metrics.
    • The AI assistant drafts and optimizes email outreach.
    • Advanced models predict revenue attainment rates based on historical data.

    9. Champify


    Champify unlocks a powerful but overlooked pipeline source - advocates who change jobs.

    These can be former champions, power users or even people who have evaluated the product before moving to a new company. When such advocates change roles, Champify immediately updates Salesforce with their new contact details and background references.

    Alerts the concerned Account Executive or Sales Development Representative while submitting reports to managers to ensure follow up.

    This enables companies to rapidly develop their best advocacy-driven channel.

    Key Features of Champify:

    • Automatically tracks advocates who change jobs to new companies.
    • New advocate contact details are synced to CRM in real-time.
    • Alerts reps about advocate job changes with helpful background.
    • Provides insights into advocacy-driven pipeline generation.
    • Triggers customized drip campaigns to re-engage advocates.

    10. Dooly

    Dooly AI boosts Salesforce CRM productivity for enterprises. Instead of wasting time navigating tabs and waiting for pages to load, Dooley streamlines workflow. It enables batch update of multiple deals at once with a single click.

    Notable capabilities include meeting notes, note templates, pipeline updates, and a task manager for maintaining deals. This makes it easy to track the progress of the deal.

    Pricing starts at $25 per user monthly for small teams. Large enterprises receive customized quotes based on team size, integrations required, and number of users.

    Key Features of Dooly:

    • Update multiple Salesforce records or deals in one click.
    • Quickly log notes, tasks, and deal updates.
    • Create reusable templates for meeting notes, emails, etc.
    • Automatic two-way sync between Dooly and Salesforce.
    • Bird's-eye view of deals by stage across the pipeline.

    Last Words

    The sales landscape is rapidly evolving thanks to artificial intelligence. As this post shows, there are now many AI-powered tools available to enhance sales workflows, insights and productivity.

    From conversational chatbots to revenue forecasting to automated data entry, these technologies are game-changers for modern sales teams.

    Adopting the right AI tools can help sales organizations increase scale, optimize processes, target high-value accounts and ultimately accelerate revenue growth without increasing headcount.

    The key is to choose solutions that suit your sales stack, workflow, and objectives. With the right AI tools, sales teams can work smarter, close more deals faster, and achieve new levels of sales success.