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DailyBot is a chat suite that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help teams work better together. It offers various tools for chat platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat and Discord. Some of the tools are:
Paid plans start from $2.50/mo.

- Check-ins: automate daily stand-ups, retrospectives and other periodic reports.
- Forms: create and share surveys, polls and feedback forms.
- Kudos: recognize and appreciate your teammates with positive messages.
- Mood: track your team's mood and well-being with simple questions.
- ChatOps: integrate with other tools like Zapier, JIRA, Trello and more to streamline your workflows.
- DailyBot+ AI: use ChatGPT and AI workflows to overcome mental blocks and generate ideas.

DailyBot is trusted by thousands of startups and enterprises around the world. It is also backed by Y Combinator, a prestigious startup accelerator. DailyBot aims to make your chat a better workplace with best practices and automation.

  •  It helps teams automate daily standups, track progress, and streamline workflows without ever leaving the chat.
  •  It offers a variety of tools for chat, such as check-ins, forms, kudos, mood, chatops, and AI workflows.
  •  It integrates with different chat platforms and other tools like Zapier, JIRA, Trello and more.
  •  It may not be suitable for teams that prefer face-to-face communication or more flexible formats for their standups.
  •  It may require some time and effort to set up and customize the bot according to the team's needs and preferences.

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