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If you are a product manager or a product owner, you know how challenging it can be to collaborate with your team in the feature refinement process. You need to gather requirements, write user stories, prioritize tasks, communicate with stakeholders, and track progress. You also need to use different tools for different purposes, such as documents, spreadsheets, issue trackers, chat apps, and more. This can lead to confusion, duplication, and inefficiency.
starts from $10/user/mo

Delibr: A Tool for Product Managers and Their Teams

That's why Delibr exists. Delibr is a Stockholm-based startup that aims to help product managers and their teams become better at collaborating in their feature refinement process. Delibr is the first document tool that is specifically built for product teams, and that can help PMs/POs manage pretty much the entire workflow . For the use cases we do not handle, such as issue tracking or chat services, we integrate with the most commonly used third parties such as Jira or Slack.

Delibr allows you to create structured documents that capture your product vision, goals, user needs, assumptions, and hypotheses. You can then break down your documents into sections and sub-sections, and assign tasks and owners to each part. You can also add comments, questions, feedback, and votes to any part of your document, and have rich discussions with your team and stakeholders. Delibr helps you keep track of all the changes and decisions made in your document history.

Delibr also helps you turn your document into user stories that can be easily exported to Jira or other issue trackers. You can sync your document with your Jira project, and update your user stories in both places. Delibr also generates a summary of your document that can be shared with anyone via a link or an email.

Delibr is more than just a tool. It is also a community of product managers who want to learn from each other and improve their skills. Delibr offers a professional development program called the Changemaker Program, which consists of 11 building blocks that cover different aspects of product management skills and competencies. The program includes self-assessment, 360 feedback, coaching sessions, mentorship, courses, and more.

If you are interested in trying out Delibr for yourself, you can sign up for a free trial on their website: https://www.delibr.com/. You can also read more about their features, integrations, pricing plans, and customer stories on their blog: https://www.delibr.com/blog/. Delibr is a tool that can help you turn your dreams into reality by collaborating better with your team in the feature refinement process.

  • It simplifies the creation of product requirements documents (PRDs) and makes them more structured and clear.
  • It enables better communication and feedback among stakeholders and reduces the need for copy-pasting or duplicating information.
  • It leverages artificial intelligence to assist users with writing suggestions, formatting and linking.
  • It may not be compatible with some workflows or preferences that rely on different document formats or tools.
  • It may require some learning curve or adaptation to use its features effectively.
  • It may not support some advanced functionalities or customizations that some users may need.

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