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Opus is a platform that lets you create and play 3D games using natural language. You can write scenes, characters and dialogues and watch them come to life in real time. You can also explore and enjoy games made by other users and share your stories with the world.
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Opus uses generative AI to turn your text into video. It can analyze your video to find the most interesting parts and rearrange them into short clips that are ready to go viral. You can also customize your clips with captions, emojis, transitions and more.

Opus is a tool for gamers, artists, storytellers and performers who want to unleash their imagination and creativity. It is also a way to immerse audiences in new levels of storytelling and engagement.

  •  Opus enables anyone to unleash their creativity and imagination without coding or designing skills  
  •  Opus offers a variety of tools and features to enhance the storytelling and engagement of the games and scenes, such as AI curation, AI virality score, AI emoji generator, etc.  
  •  Opus allows users to share their stories with the world and join a global community of creators  

  •  Opus is still in beta and may have bugs or glitches that affect the user experience 
  •  Opus may not be able to generate realistic or accurate graphics or animations for complex or specific prompts 
  •  Opus may raise ethical or legal issues regarding the ownership and use of the generated content and data 

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