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Rose AI

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Rose AI
Rose is a web platform that uses artificial intelligence to help you find, analyze and share data.
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It was created by financial experts who worked at some of the biggest hedge funds in the world. Rose lets you access data from various sources, such as stock prices, crypto coins, and open source datasets. You can also transform and visualize data using simple natural language commands. For example, you can create a pie chart of the market capitalization of the FAANG stocks, or calculate the moving average of Facebook's stock price. Rose also makes it easy to share your data insights with others, by allowing you to control who can see your data and how much they can see. You can also buy and sell data on Rose's marketplace, where you can preview and compare different datasets. Rose is a powerful tool for anyone who works with data and wants to do it faster and smarter.

  •   Rose enables seamless integration with the world's top data providers, and uses the latest in open-source LLMs and natural language processing to parse and visualize information based on human language prompts.
  •  Rose is a synthesis of the creativity of SF technology and the reliability of NY finance. Rose was built to be fully auditable and allows users to trace the logic of its outputs all the way back to the raw inputs.
  •  Rose is a trusted third-party data marketplace where rich datasets can be previewed, bought, and sold with ease.
  •  Rose makes it super simple to create and share data visualizations. For example, you can turn the composition of an index into a pie chart or a bar chart with just one command.
  •  Rose is built on the principle that data should be easy to find and easy to play around with. You can use the Search button in the top left of the screen to search for other data of interest.


  •  Rose is still in beta and not publicly available yet. You have to sign up for a waitlist to get access to it.
  •  Rose may not have all the data sources you need for your analysis. You may have to upload your own data or request new data providers.
  •  Rose may not support all the data transformations you want to perform. You may have to use other tools or languages to manipulate your data.
  •  Rose may not have all the visualization options you prefer. You may have to export your data to other platforms or software to create more customized charts or graphs.
  •  Rose may have some bugs or errors that affect its performance or accuracy. You may have to report them or wait for them to be fixed.

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