15 Best AI Content Detectors That Prevent Your Content From Penalize


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15 Best AI Content Detectors That Prevent Your Content From Penalize
Blog / 15 Best AI Content Detectors That Prevent Your Content From Penalize

Discover the top 15 AI content detection tools that prevent penalties by identifying and flagging AI-generated content. Safeguard your content.

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    In the sphere of content generation and management, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a powerful tool with positive as well as negative effects.

    The demand for efficient AI content detectors has increased despite the fact that writing tools and content generators driven by AI offer unmatched speed and efficiency in content generation.

    These detectors are essential for detecting plagiarism and making sure that content produced by AI retains a human touch.

    In this essay, we examine the delicate balance between artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content and the crucial function performed by the best AI content detectors now on the market.

    Explore and get a hands-on feel for these premium detectors.

    15 Best AI Content Detectors


    Free version word limit

    Paid version word limit

    Low Quality AI Output

    Output written by a Human

    High Quality AI Output


    No limit






    Up to 2,000

    Up to 80,000






    No limit





    No limit







    Up to 500K




    Hugging Face

    No limit






    No limit / trial

    Up to 100K





    No limit






    No limit





    GPT Zero

    Up to 3,000





    AI Text Classifier

    No limit



    Not AI

    Not AI

    GPT Kit

    Up to 3,000





    Detect GPT




    Not AI



    1. Originality.AI

    Originality, The "Best AI Content Detector & Plagiarism Checker" is an amazing premium solution created especially for content providers that value accuracy.

    Each credit costs $0.01 and allows for the scanning of 100 words. Notably, it offers thorough coverage and incorporates both an AI and a plagiarism checker.

    Originality AI

    Using the aforementioned chart as a guide, it is obvious that originality.ai is the only AI scanner that can confidently distinguish between human-written material and AI-generated content while consistently producing correct findings.

    We'll talk about Hive Moderation, which came to a similar result and showed a 0% AI score for human-written material and an astounding 99.9% confidence in classifying two AI-generated pieces as AI. in a later section of this post.

    Additionally, Originality.AI, By providing a Chrome extension and overall score, AI goes above and beyond expectations. Additionally, it offers a special function that highlights particular passages in the copied text and indicates which passages are likely to be created by AI and which are not.

    We use this tool a lot to verify the accuracy of AI-generated material. It is frequently used to examine text produced by independent authors, making sure that both AI and plagiarism issues are carefully evaluated.

    Key Features of Originality AI:

    1. Accurate AI Content Detection: Detects AI-generated content with precision.
    2. Comprehensive Plagiarism Scanner: Ensures content originality and authenticity.
    3. Predictive Highlighting: Identifies AI-generated sections for evaluation.
    4. Convenient Chrome Extension: Seamless integration for browser-based content analysis.
    5. Trusted Confidence Scores: Transparent indications of AI-generated text accuracy.

    2. GPTZero

    One of the top AI content detectors now on the market is GPTZero, created by EleutherAI.


    This language model has been developed using the well-known GPT (Generative Pre-trend Transformer) architecture and is proficient in correctly identifying text produced by AI.

    It effectively distinguishes between information produced by algorithms and content written by humans by utilizing natural language processing and machine learning techniques.

    Being open-source allows developers to constantly improve and modify the model to suit their needs, which is a key benefit of GPTZero.

    Additionally, the tool detects both short and lengthy textual pieces with excellent precision.

    For SEO experts who wish to safeguard their material from plagiarism warnings or sanctions related to the use of AI-generated language, this feature makes it very helpful.

    Key Feature of GPTZero:

    1. Recognizes AI-generated text accurately by using machine learning techniques.
    2. Using the GPT Framework constructed using the well-known Generative Pre-trained Transformer architecture.
    3. The nature of open-source software permits ongoing development and modification.
    4. detects text in both short and long formats High accuracy is shown in identifying both short and long text items.
    5. A useful tool for confirming content validity and avoiding fines for using text created by AI.

    3. Writer

    Writing assistance is simply one aspect of Writer.com. It offers an all-in-one platform that not only improves your writing but also has a superb AI Content Detector.

    Writer AI Detector

    This versatile technology ensures grammatically correct and unique material. Writer.com seeks to offer a complete solution by taking a holistic approach to article development and proofreading.

    Its primary goal is to improve your writing generally rather than only detecting AI-generated stuff.

    Writer.com, which primarily targets businesses, excels at doing all the necessary tasks.

    It guarantees that the material adheres to your company's brand/voice criteria and integrates neatly with your unique data.

    Key Features of Writer:

    1. Detects and identifies AI-generated content with accuracy.
    2. Improve grammar and ensure the uniqueness of the content.
    3. A comprehensive solution for content creation and proofing.
    4. Designed to meet the needs of businesses and enterprises.
    5. Maintains consistency with your unique data and brand guidelines.

    4. Copyleaks

    Introducing Copyleaks, the best AI content detector! Among its competitors on the market, this excellent AI content detection technology stands out.


    Utilizing the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms, Copyleaks assists authors and SEO specialists in finding any instances of concealed plagiarism or identical material on their websites.

    This amazing application searches through millions of web pages at breakneck speed and provides customers with reliable results that help them improve their website rankings.

    Key Features of Copyleaks:

    1. Copyleaks leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms for accurate and efficient plagiarism detection.
    2. With access to a comprehensive database from academic journals, websites, books and social media platforms, Copyleaks ensures comprehensive content scanning.
    3. Whether it's .docx, .pdf, or plain text, Copyleaks seamlessly analyzes content in a variety of formats for optimal convenience.
    4. Within seconds, CopyLeaks scans millions of web pages, delivering fast and accurate reports to improve website ranking.
    5. Copyleaks offers multi-language support, allowing users to easily scan documents in different languages.

    5. Sapling AI Detector

    Introducing Sapling, the Best AI Content Detector! Sapling, which is renowned for its selection of AI tools, provides an exceptional AI content identification tool that far exceeds expectations.

    Sapline AI Content Detector

    This technology is a game-changer since it was specifically created to recognize AI-generated material with amazing accuracy.

    Sapling's capacity to identify AI-generated material in as few as 50 words, whether working with shorter or larger works, assures trustworthiness.

    Additionally, Sapling's color-coded data make it easier to understand the results and offer a simple, user-friendly interface.

    Use this effective tool to easily confirm the authenticity of your material. In addition to the incredibly helpful sentence completion tool, Sapling subscribers now have access to the AI content detector.

    Sapling enables the generation of detailed reports that demonstrate the use of AI by customer service and sales teams. These reports are extremely helpful for training and coaching initiatives, enabling long-term progress.

    Key Features of Sapling AI Detector:

    1. Sapling maintains originality while ensuring the correct identification of AI-generated material.
    2. Short-form material is best served by AI, which can recognize information with fewer than 50 words.
    3. Color-coded indications make it easier to understand results.
    4. Access to sentences autocomplete the AI Detector, and more.
    5. creates reports on agent AI usage for ongoing development.

    6.OpenAI's AI Text Classifier

    The popular developer of GPT and ChatGPT, OpenAI, is glad to provide the Best AI Content Detector: AI Text Classifier, a wonderful free application.

    OpenAI's Text Classifier

    Contrary to what we had anticipated, our test results revealed that the maker of the most well-liked AI tool didn't have the most precise detector.

    The technology had trouble determining whether information on OpenAI's platform was artificially intelligence-generated but properly recognized human-generated content as "very unlikely" to be artificially intelligence-generated. With and without more hints, it was classified as "unclear" or "impossible".

    It costs nothing to use the tool, however, an OpenAI account is necessary. It provides a simple user interface without ostentatious frills or plagiarism detection.

    Key Features of OpenAI’s Text Classifier:

    1. A well-known AI developer's experience is tapped upon by OpenAI's text classifier to provide effective results.
    2. You can use the text classifier without paying anything; all you need is an OpenAI account.
    3. Discern between text produced by AI and text produced by humans.
    4. The application has an easy-to-use design that is clear and intuitive, making it simple to utilize.
    5. Text Classifier does not have a specialized plagiarism detection tool because it concentrates on content categorization.

    7. CrossPlag AI Content Detector

    Introducing CrossPlug AI, a superb tool expertly designed to pinpoint AI-generated content with unrivaled accuracy.

    CrossPlage AI Content Detector

    Users looking for quick and precise results have come to love it because of its emphasis on simplicity.

    It stands out as a reliable ally in preserving the integrity of material with an easy-to-use interface and quick detection speeds.

    Crossplug AI's ground-breaking thermometer scale visual in particular indicates the existence of AI-generated content and provides consumers with findings that are crystal obvious and simple to comprehend.

    Key Features of CrossPlag AI Content Detector:

    1. CrossPlug accurately identifies AI-generated content while ensuring the integrity of AI content.
    2. The tool's focus on simplicity makes it user-friendly and provides quick, accurate results.
    3. Crossplug AI provides an intuitive interface for easy navigation and seamless usage.
    4. Enjoy the benefits of rapid material detection, saving time and increasing efficiency.
    5. The unique thermometer scale graphic is a visual representation of AI-generated content, which aids in the interpretation of results.

    8. Content at Scale's AI Detector

    We would like to introduce you to Content at Scale, a ground-breaking AI content recognition tool that is attracting a lot of interest.

    Content At Scale

    Natural language processing (NLP) is used by the programme to identify a variety of content kinds, including AI-generated text, human-written text, and plagiarism. 

    Content at Scale distinguishes between human- and AI-generated content by examining written content from a variety of angles and assigning each item a unique score.

    With its sophisticated algorithms, Content at Scale distinguishes between carefully produced human-written pieces and plagiarized materials with almost perfect precision. 

    The ability to assure the existence of genuine and high-quality content on their websites while avoiding unethical practices like content copying makes it a useful resource for SEO experts.

    Key Features of Content at Scale:

    1. Content at Scale uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms for accurate content detection.
    2. The tool examines the content from multiple angles, detects AI-generated text, human-written text and instances of plagiarism.
    3. Each piece of content receives a different score, indicating whether it is AI-generated or human-crafted.
    4. Content at scale exhibits exceptional accuracy, effectively differentiating between well-crafted human-written articles and copied text.
    5. SEO professionals can rely on this tool to ensure authentic and high-quality content on their websites, while discouraging unethical practices such as content plagiarism.

    9. GLTR

    A wonderful free tool developed by Hendrik Strobelt, Sebastian Gehrmann, and Alexander Rush from the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and Harvard NLP is now available: GLTR (Giant Language Model Test Room).

    GLTR Ai Detector

    To determine if each word in the text is among the top 10, 100, 1,000, or more probable words created by AI based on prior context, GLTR offers holistic scoring. It should be noted that the application lacks a plagiarism detecting function.

    During our brief test, the programme produced a lot of "possible words," with text provided by Simple Hint having a prominent presence in the top 10. The distribution of terms across human-generated and extra-accelerated content remained comparable, nevertheless.

    Key Features of GLTR:

    1. The Harvard NLP specialists and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab collaborated to create GLTR.
    2. Based on contextual indicators, the tool estimates if each word in the text is among the top 10, 100, 1,000, or beyond in terms of how probable it was to be produced by AI.
    3. There is no plagiarism detection tool available in GLTR.
    4. In experiments, GLTR showed a markedly increased number of "possible words" for text produced by straightforward prompts, especially in the top 10.
    5. In our little test, the distribution of terms across human-generated and extra-accelerated content remained consistent.

    10. Hugging Face

    Introducing Hugging Face, an AI-powered content identification tool that uses machine learning and natural language processing to correctly recognise text produced by the AI.

    Hugging Face

    Users of this platform may quickly and accurately identify a wide range of stolen or original content.

    Hugging Faces also provides a wide range of characteristics, such as text categorization methods, sentiment analysis, and named entity identification.

    Hugging Face's remarkable capacity to offer in-depth insight into the grammar and structure of human-generated information is one of its outstanding features.

    The interface makes it simple to compare analyzed text with previously published human-written articles from various sources.

    With the help of this capability, authors and editors may assess the degree of originality of their work before it is posted online.

    Key Features of Hugging Face:

    1. Hugging Faces uses AI, natural language processing and machine learning to accurately identify AI-generated text.
    2. The platform facilitates accurate detection of plagiarism or fake content with remarkable accuracy.
    3. Hugging Faces offers a variety of features, including sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and text classification algorithms.
    4. Users receive detailed insight into the structure and syntax of human-generated content, making it easy to compare with known human-written articles from a variety of sources.
    5. Hugging Face empowers writers and editors to assess the originality score of their work before publishing online, ensuring the authenticity of the content.

    11. Kazan SEO

    Introducing Kazan SEO, one of the most effective AI content recognition solutions on the market right now.

    Kazan SEO

    Kazan SEO efficiently recognises AI-generated material, ranging from language model testing to news pieces, by utilizing the strength of natural language processing algorithms.

    Notably, the machine also rates human-written material, making it simple for SEO experts to evaluate the caliber of their work.

    Automatic recognition of AI-generated content is a key benefit of Kazan SEO.

    The validity and uniqueness of your web pages can be readily ensured with the use of this function, which is crucial for attaining top results on search engines like Google. 

    Additionally, Kazan SEO has both a free and a premium plan, making it available to companies of all sizes and financial capabilities.

    Key Features of Kazan SEO:

    1. Kazan SEO uses natural language processing techniques to accurately identify AI-generated content.
    2. The tool assigns a score to human-written content, allowing SEO professionals to assess its quality.
    3. Kazan SEO automatically detects AI-generated content, ensuring web pages are free of plagiarism and maintain originality.
    4. By verifying the authenticity of content, Kazan SEO helps businesses achieve higher rankings on search engines like Google.
    5. Kazan SEO offers both a free version and paid plans, catering to businesses of various sizes and budgets.

    12. Winston

    Introducing Winston, a cutting-edge AI content detector built to assist SEO professionals in determining the authenticity of written material.

    Winston AI Detector

    The programme scans full web pages, analyzing both words and content structure using natural language processing (NLP) technology and machine learning algorithms.

    In order to determine the possibility of content plagiarism, Winston compares the scanned text with a large database of web sources.

    Winston has the significant benefit of being able to recognize minute differences in content phrases, even when the matched words are not identical.

    With the help of this tool, SEO writers may confidently create original material without worrying about facing penalties from Google's search engine algorithms for doing so. 

    Additionally, Winston offers in-the-moment feedback on tone and writing style, which gives digital marketers insightful knowledge about how readers could react to their text.

    Key Features of Winston:

    1. Winston uses advanced AI technology to detect and analyze the originality of written content.
    2. This tool uses NLP techniques to scan web pages, assess content structure and wording.
    3. Winston compares the scanned text to a vast database of online sources, providing a score indicating the likelihood of content plagiarism.
    4. Winston can detect subtle differences in content phrasing, ensuring the production of unique content and avoiding penalties for duplicate content.
    5. The tool provides real-time feedback on writing style and tone, giving digital marketers valuable insight into how readers react to their copy.

    13. Detect GPT

    The remarkable AI content recognition tool Detect GPT stands out and is quickly rising in popularity in the SEO industry.

    Detect GPT

    Its main goal is to recognize text created by language models like GPT-2 and GPT-3, which are frequently used to create AI-based content.

    The program is a favorite among SEO specialists who wish to make sure that their websites only include human-written content because of its extraordinary capacity to separate automated writing.

    The Detect GPT algorithm's technique centers on analyzing many linguistic facets of a given text.

    Grammar, syntax, spelling precision, punctuation correctness, and even word choice are among these elements.

    By looking at these components, the program effectively spots any anomalies or recurring patterns in text that were created by AI and flags such information for more analysis.

    Additionally, users of this service get a thorough report detailing any artificially created language that may have been present in the text they entered.

    Key Features of Detect GPT:

    1. DetectGPT excels at recognizing AI-generated text.
    2. The tool checks grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, and word choice.
    3. DetectGPT flags content with anomalies in line with AI-generated text.
    4. Users receive comprehensive reports on known artificial language generation.
    5. This tool helps SEO professionals to ensure human-written content on websites.

    14. Hive Moderation’s AI-Generated Content Detection

    Hive Moderation

    Moderation in a hive The AI-generated content detection tool is available for free, but it has character restrictions and eventually asks you to sign in.

    The programme enables you to divide information into pieces and receive unique marks for each component, but lacking plagiarism detection and highlighting functions.

    Hive effectively gives a score to each writing sample, giving AI-generated samples an astonishing 99.9% score while assigning 0% chance of AI content to human-generated material.

    Key Features of Hive Moderation:

    1. Hive Moderation offers free use, despite character limits and periodic sign-in requirements.
    2. The tool allows the content to be divided into sections for analysis.
    3. Hive assigns specific scores to each content segment.
    4. The tool provides accurate scores, giving 0% probability for human content and 99.9% for AI-generated samples.
    5. Hive specializes in AI-generated content detection.


    15. AI Writing Check

    AIWritingCheck is a website that provides an AI-powered writing check service.

    AI Writing Check

    It provides users with the ability to analyze and enhance their written content using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

    By submitting their text, users can receive detailed feedback on grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and other writing aspects.

    AIWritingCheck aims to help individuals improve the quality and clarity of their written work, making it a valuable tool for writers, students, professionals and anyone looking to hone their writing skills.

    Final Words

    Finally, significant advances have been made in the field of AI detection tools, which provide invaluable assistance in identifying AI-generated content.

    These tools, such as Originality and Hive Moderation, excel in their ability to analyze linguistic features, flag anomalies, and deliver comprehensive reports.

    Their contribution in enhancing the overall quality of writing along with maintaining the human touch in websites and written content is invaluable.

    As the technology is evolving, these AI detection tools play a vital role in maintaining authenticity and integrity in various domains.