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Explore AI
Have you ever wondered how to find answers to your questions without watching hours of YouTube videos? If so, you might be interested in Explore AI, a new AI-powered search engine that lets you search for answers directly inside thousands of YouTube videos.
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Explore AI is a free-of-cost, easy-to-navigate and fast website that uses natural language processing and computer vision to analyze the content of YouTube videos and generate relevant snippets for your queries. You can type any question or keyword in the search box and Explore AI will show you the best matching video segments along with timestamps, thumbnails and transcripts.

You can use Explore AI to learn about various topics such as science, technology, history, geography, entertainment and more. You can also discover new videos and channels that match your interests and preferences. Some examples of questions you can ask Explore AI are:

- What happened to SVB?
- What is Saudi Arabia's Neom?
- What's the biggest explosion in the universe?
- How can we terraform Mars?
- What is the cost of the M2 Macbook Pro?
- What is the payload capacity of Starship?
- What is the biggest threat to civilization?

Explore AI is powered by Vercel, a platform for frontend developers that provides speed and reliability for web applications. Vercel also enables automatic previews for every branch and deploy with zero configuration. Explore AI is built by a team of passionate developers who want to make information more accessible and engaging for everyone.

If you want to try out Explore AI for yourself, you can visit their website at https://exploreai.vercel.app/ and start exploring. You can also follow them on Twitter at @exploreaiapp for updates and feedback. Explore AI is a great tool for anyone who wants to learn something new or find answers to their questions in a fast and convenient way.

  • It is a free and interactive website that lets you explore various aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) such as natural language processing, computer vision, and generative models.
  • It provides clear and concise explanations of the concepts and techniques behind each AI application, along with examples and demonstrations.
  • It allows you to customize and experiment with the AI models using your own inputs and parameters, and see the results in real time.
  • It showcases some of the latest and most advanced AI models available, such as GPT-3, CLIP, and DALL-E.
  • It is designed to be accessible and engaging for anyone who is curious about AI, regardless of their background or skill level.
  • It may not cover all the possible applications and domains of AI, or provide a comprehensive overview of the history and theory of AI.
  • It may not address some of the ethical and social implications of AI, such as bias, privacy, and accountability.
  • It may not offer enough guidance or feedback for users who want to learn more or deepen their understanding of AI.
  • It may not work well on some devices or browsers, or require a stable internet connection and high processing power to run smoothly.
  • It may not be updated regularly or maintained for a long time, as it is a personal project by a single developer.

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