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One of the main products of Rosebud AI is PixelVibe, an AI-powered game asset generator that lets users concept and create game assets rapidly with their AI-powered asset collaborator. Users can choose from different categories of assets, such as character sprites, props, clothes and environments, and customize them with different styles and colors. PixelVibe also integrates with GPT, a natural language processing model that can generate text and code for game development.
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Rosebud AI is a company that aims to make game development easier and more accessible with the help of artificial intelligence. It offers various tools and platforms that allow users to create and animate game assets, environments, characters and more with just a few clicks.

Another product of Rosebud AI is Tokkingheads, an AI avatar animation app that brings portraits and avatars to life by lipsyncing them to any text and audio. Users can upload their own photos or choose from a library of pre-made avatars and animate them with realistic facial expressions and movements. Tokkingheads can be used for fun, education, entertainment and more.

Rosebud AI also offers AI-generated skyboxes and textures for game development through its website Manyworlds.run. Users can download high-quality skyboxes and textures for free and use them in their games or projects. The skyboxes and textures are generated by machine learning models that can create realistic and diverse scenes.

Rosebud AI is a company that is passionate about making game development more creative and enjoyable with the power of artificial intelligence. It is building the AI Roblox, a platform that will enable game creation at the speed of thought. It is a team of PhD researchers, creatives and engineers who believe that all media creation will be done via generative methods in a few years.

  • It allows game developers to create game assets quickly and easily with AI assistance .
  • It enables game developers to use natural language to generate game logic and scenarios with GPT.
  • It offers various tools for game creation, such as avatar animation, skybox generation, and texture synthesis .
  •  It fosters a community of game developers who can share and enjoy their games with others.
  • It leverages state-of-the-art machine learning models and techniques to produce high-quality and diverse game content.


  • It may require a lot of computing power and bandwidth to run the AI models and tools .
  • It may raise ethical and legal issues regarding the ownership and originality of the AI-generated game assets and content .
  •  It may have limitations and biases in the AI models and tools that could affect the quality and diversity of the game content .
  •  It may face competition from other platforms and tools that offer similar or better features for game creation .
  • It may have technical glitches and bugs that could hamper the user experience and satisfaction .

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