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Qatalog is a company that aims to make work easier by providing a "virtual workspace" that integrates different SaaS tools and automates workflows. Qatalog uses AI to create customized solutions for different businesses and industries, based on their specific needs and goals. Qatalog helps teams collaborate better, save time, and focus on the important tasks.
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Qatalog was founded in 2019 and has raised $18.5 million in total funding. It has a diverse and talented team of 35 people who speak 24 languages and come from 17 nationalities. Qatalog's customers include TransferWise, Eventbrite, Zettle, Twilio, Adyen, and more.

  • Qatalog can save time and money by reducing the need for multiple tools and platforms
  • Qatalog can improve communication and visibility across teams and projects
  • Qatalog can support different types of businesses and industries with its flexible and customizable features
  • atalog can help teams work smarter with its intelligent suggestions and interventions
  • Qatalog can enhance security and compliance with its robust controls and permissions
  • Qatalog may have a steep learning curve for some users who are used to other tools and platforms
  • Qatalog may not integrate with all the tools and data sources that a team needs or wants
  • Qatalog may require a lot of initial setup and configuration to match the specific needs of a business
  • Qatalog may encounter technical issues or bugs that affect its performance or reliability
  • Qatalog may face competition from other similar or alternative solutions in the market

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