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User interviews are a crucial part of the product development process. They help you understand your customers' needs, pain points, motivations, and preferences. They also help you validate your assumptions, test your hypotheses, and find product-market fit.

However, conducting user interviews can be time-consuming, expensive, and challenging. You need to recruit participants, schedule sessions, prepare questions, conduct interviews, transcribe recordings, analyze data, and synthesize insights. And you need to do this repeatedly and frequently to keep up with the changing market and customer expectations.

That's where RhetorAI comes in. RhetorAI is an AI-powered user interview tool that automates the process of collecting customer feedback and insights. It helps you quickly achieve product-market fit by providing 24/7 interviews, summarizing insights, asking expert follow-up questions, and storing all transcripts. It can be used to test price sensitivity, understand main benefits, gauge product stickiness, find word-of-mouth growth, prioritize features, get design feedback, and more.

How does RhetorAI work?

RhetorAI is very easy to use. You just need to create an interview link in 5 minutes and share it with your target audience. You can add your link to your website, email, social media, or any other channel. RhetorAI will then interview your users 24/7 using natural language processing and generate transcripts automatically. You can access all your transcripts anytime and anywhere on the RhetorAI dashboard.

But that's not all. RhetorAI also helps you ask the right questions and get the most valuable insights from your users. RhetorAI is trained to ask expert follow-up questions based on the user's responses, diving deeper into their needs and desires. RhetorAI also summarizes the key insights from each interview and prioritizes them based on their importance and frequency. This way, you can easily identify the most common problems, opportunities, and feedback from your users.

Why should you use RhetorAI?

RhetorAI is a game-changer for founders who want to build products that people love. With RhetorAI, you can:

- Conduct 10x more interviews than before without spending any extra time or money.
- Get customer-driven decisions by uncovering the deepest motivations and pain points of your users.
- Never lose sight of your customers by storing all your transcripts and insights in one place.
- Go beyond the constraints of user surveys by having natural and engaging conversations with your users.
- Achieve product-market fit faster by testing and iterating based on real customer feedback.

Ready to try RhetorAI?

If you want to take your user research to the next level with AI-powered user interviews, you can create your first interview link in 5 minutes on RhetorAI's website. You can also book a demo to see how RhetorAI works in action. Don't miss this opportunity to get closer to your customers and build products that they love.

  • It automates user interviews for faster product-market fit.
  • It collects feedback 24/7 from customers.
  • It asks expert follow-up questions to dive deeper into user needs and desires.
  • It summarizes and prioritizes the most important insights from interviews.
  • It helps generate hypotheses from customers and get to PMF faster.
  • It may not capture the nuances and emotions of human interactions.
  • It may not be able to handle complex or ambiguous questions or answers.
  • It may not be compatible with all types of prototypes and mockups.
  • It may not be reliable or accurate in some cases or domains.
  • It may not be affordable or accessible for some users or businesses.

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