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BoloForms: A Powerful Tool for Online Forms and Approval Workflows If you are looking for a way to create online forms and automate approval processes, you might want to check out BoloForms. BoloForms is a Google Forms add-on that allows you to transform your forms into workflows, generate PDF documents, customize your forms' appearance, and monitor every step of your approval process.
Free Trial
Paid plans start from $29/mo

BoloForms has four main features that make it stand out from other online form tools:

- Approval Flows: You can design your ideal approval flow with no coding required. You can quickly add approvers, emails, and conditional statements to your approval process. You can also track and manage your approval flows from any device via email, BoloForms Dashboard, or Google Sheets. You can automatically send email notifications to approvers and form respondents, and swiftly respond to submissions in the BoloForms Dashboard.

- Document Merge: You can generate PDF documents from your form responses and send them to approvers or respondents. You can use Google Docs as templates and merge them with your form data. You can also customize the PDF file name, email subject, and email body.

- Form Customization: You can modify your Google Forms to blend with your websites and apps. You can replace Google branding in the forms with your own branding and gain your users' trust. You can also change the fonts, colors, images, and layout of your forms to match your website's design.

- Timer + Proctor: You can create online tests with BoloForms and prevent cheating. You can set a timer for your tests and monitor the test takers' activities. You can also record their webcam and screen during the test and review their recordings later.

BoloForms is a powerful tool for anyone who needs to create online forms and approval workflows. Whether you are a teacher, a business manager, a HR professional, or an IT specialist, you can use BoloForms to streamline your work processes and save time and money.

If you want to try BoloForms for free, you can visit their website at https://www.boloforms.com/ and sign up with your Google account. You can also watch their video tutorials and read their help articles to learn more about how to use BoloForms effectively.

  •  BoloForms allows you to create online forms and convert them into automated approval workflows with no coding required.
  •  BoloForms integrates with Google Forms, Google Sheets, and Google Meet, making it easy to use and compatible with your existing tools.
  •  BoloForms offers email notifications, dashboard tracking, and document merge features to streamline your approval process and keep everyone informed.
  •  BoloForms is built with compliance and security in mind, supporting standards like SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO.
  •  BoloForms provides award-winning support through Whatsapp chat, email, help center, and Google Meet.


  •  BoloForms is a paid service that requires a subscription to access all its features and benefits.
  • BoloForms may not work well with other platforms or applications that are not part of the Google ecosystem.
  • BoloForms may have some limitations or bugs that affect its performance or functionality.
  • BoloForms may not suit your specific needs or preferences for creating and managing approval workflows.
  •  BoloForms may have some compatibility issues with different browsers or devices.

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