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Retable is an AI-powered online data management tool that combines the power of online spreadsheets with the logic of AI. Thanks to Retable's AI-powered online spreadsheet solution, you can design small business applications and easily collaborate with your team on your data.
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Starting at just $12/mo

Combining the power of databases with the flexibility and ease of use of online spreadsheets, Retable uses the logic of artificial intelligence to make your data management smarter.
It helps you to organize, share, and edit your spreadsheets. It also helps you to create no-code applications with your Retable data. Helping your data enrichment operations with ChatGPT integration, Retable helps you to get support from artificial intelligence while designing your business applications. With the GPT column type, you can type numerous prompts to gain meaningful insights from all your data, and you can output thousands of lines of data with a single prompt.

Retable helps you to;

  • Keep your team on the same page by harnessing the power of modern technology.
  • Avoid fraud, and human error and proceed to the era of enhanced data quality and increased security.
  • Reduce the pressure on IT teams by allowing all team members to collaborate and work on scale.
  • Empower your creative teams by helping them keep their inspiration and ideas in one place.
  • Create small business applications with your data
  • Collaborate with your teams in real-time
  • Keep your data safe and organized

Whatever your role, from HR to marketing, sales to project management and design, Retable has no limits!

  • It allows you to turn your spreadsheets into smart database apps that can be customized and automated without coding.
  • It enables you to collaborate with your team and customers in real-time, with chat and comments features, role and access management, and task assignment .
  • It offers a variety of column types, data views, and integrations to enhance your data management and analysis  .
  • It has a chrome extension that lets you view and edit any CSV file on the internet without downloading it.
  • It provides online forms and surveys that can collect data from your audience and sync it with your spreadsheets.
  • No mobile app: Retable doesn't have a mobile app, so you can't access your spreadsheets or databases on your phone or tablet.
  • Customer support: Retable's customer support is not as good as some of its competitors. There is no live chat option, and response times can be slow.

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