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AI2sql is a tool that helps you write SQL queries without knowing the syntax. SQL is a language that is used to communicate with databases and manipulate data. SQL queries can be complex and hard to write, especially for non-engineers. AI2sql simplifies this process by allowing you to enter a few keywords about your data and generating an optimized SQL query for you.
Paid plans start from $7/mo

AI2sql works with different types of databases, such as Oracle PL/SQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, BigQuery, and MariaDB. You can also add your own tables and connect to your data sources. AI2sql supports multiple natural languages for prompts, such as English, Spanish, French, and German. You can ask any questions you need in plain language, and AI2sql will return the answer as SQL code.

AI2sql also has other features that make it more than just a SQL generator. You can format your SQL code, check and fix the syntax errors, translate formulas into SQL expressions, generate questions for your data, and query CSV files. AI2sql is powered by ChatGPT, a deep learning model that uses natural language processing to understand and generate SQL queries.

AI2sql is a useful tool for anyone who needs to work with data and databases, but does not have the time or skills to write SQL queries from scratch. You can try AI2sql for free for 7 days and see how it can save you time and effort. AI2sql is the ultimate SQL query builder that lets you create fast, efficient, and error-free SQL queries - instantly.

  •  It can generate SQL queries from natural language input, which is convenient for non-experts or beginners   .
  •  It supports various types of databases, such as Oracle PL/SQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, BigQuery, and MariaDB.
  •  It has other features such as SQL formatter, syntax checker, fixer, formula translator, and data insight generator.

  •  It may produce inaccurate or suboptimal queries due to imperfections in the AI model.
  •  It requires users to sign up and pay for a subscription to use the full functionality  .
  •  It may not handle complex or ambiguous questions well.

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