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If you are looking for a smart and easy way to improve your writing skills, you might want to check out Auri AI, an AI writing assistant that is one tap away. Auri AI is an app that integrates with your keyboard and helps you write faster, smarter, and mistake-free in any app, any language. Here are some of the features that make Auri AI stand out from other writing apps:
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- Help Me Write: If you are not sure what to write about, you can simply tap the button and tell Auri AI your topic. The app will generate a text for you based on your input. You can use this feature to write anything from essays to social media posts in any language.
- Spelling and Grammar Correction: Auri AI can automatically detect and correct any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors in your writing with one tap. You can also choose from different styles and tones to make your writing more professional, funny, sarcastic, or creative.
- Email Replies: If you need to reply to an email but don't know how to phrase it, you can use Auri AI to draft an email response for you. You can select the tone of your reply and the app will write it for you in almost any email app.
- Continue Writing: If you get stuck while writing, you can use Auri AI to continue your text. The app will write the next few sentences for you based on the context of your writing.
- Translation: If you need to communicate with someone in a different language, you can use Auri AI to translate your messages to and from over 20 languages. You can also use the app to learn new words and phrases in different languages.
- Paraphrase: If you want to use different words or rewrite your sentences or paragraphs in a different way, you can use Auri AI to paraphrase your text. You can also use the app to turn your text into a poem if you feel poetic.
- Chat with Auri: If you want to have some fun or learn something new, you can chat with Auri AI in the app. You can ask questions, brainstorm ideas, or just have a casual conversation with the app.

Auri AI also has a smart notes feature that lets you create, save, and edit all your writing in the app with built-in AI writing tools. You can access features like summarize, check grammar and spelling, help me write, continue writing, translate, paraphrase, and more in the text editor.

Auri AI is available for iPhone and iPad users and supports 35+ languages. The app is free to download and use, but you can also upgrade to Auri AI Pro to unlock unlimited usage of all AI features, 25+ keyboard themes, and any future Pro features.

If you are interested in trying out Auri AI, you can download it from the App Store or visit https://auri.ai/ for more information.

  • It can help you write faster and smarter in any app and any language with various AI features such as grammar and spelling correction, paraphrasing, translation, email replies, and more.
  • It can generate content for you based on your topic and style preferences, such as poems, jokes, summaries, etc.
  • It can chat with you and answer your questions, brainstorm ideas, or just have fun.
  • It has a smart notes feature where you can create and edit your writing with built-in AI tools.
  • It supports 35+ keyboard languages and 25+ keyboard themes.
  • It requires a subscription to unlock unlimited usage of all AI features and keyboard themes.
  • It may not always produce accurate or original content, especially for complex or niche topics.
  • It may not respect the privacy or intellectual property rights of the sources it uses to generate content.
  • It may not be compatible with some apps or devices.
  • It may have technical issues or bugs that affect its performance or functionality.

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