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BoostBot - Mobile Game Bots
BoostBot - Mobile Game Bots

BoostBot - Mobile Game Bots


BoostBot - Mobile Game Bots
They offer a variety of different Mobile Game Bots that utilizes AI to make decisions on how to interact and play the mobile games for you. It support 30 of the most popular mobile games from Raid Shadow Legends to Lords Mobile.
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Starting at $8.99/month

Mobile game bots automate the repetitive tasks of popular mobile games for you. It uses image recognition and AI to see, interact, and play the game much like a human would. 

While their mobile game bots have different features for every single game, some things you may expect to see are:

  • Automatically farm or gather resources & materials
  • Automatically complete daily tasks
  • Automatically upgrade buildings
  • Automatically shield and protect your base
  • Automatically donate resources

These are just a few examples. Our bots do much more than this, and the features vary for each game.

It support over 30 games:

  • Raid Shadow Legends Bot
  • Army Men Strike Bot
  • Clash of Clans Bot
  • Mafia City Bot
  • Rise of Kings Bot
  • Last Shelter Survival Bot
  • ZGirls Bo
  • Last Empire War Z
  • Lords Mobile Bot
  • Clash of Kings The West Bot
  • Clash of Kings Bot
  • King of Avalon Bot
  • Rise of Civilizations Bot
  • World on Fire Bot
  • Guns of Glory Bot
  • Revenge of Sultans Bot
  • Mobile Royale Bot
  • Battle Warship Bot
  • Final Fantasy XV Bot
  • Iron Throne Bot
  • War and Order Bot
  • Z Day Hearts of Heroes Bot
  • Rise of Kingdoms Bot
  • Pokemon Go Bot
  • Game of Thrones Conquest
  • Rise of Empires Bot
  • Clash of Queens Bot
  • Clash of Empires Bot
  • Age of Z Bot
  • AFK Arena Bot
  • FIFA Mobile Bot
  • March of Empires Bot
  • Sea Game Bot
  • Doom Dunes Bot
  • Conquerors Golden Age Bot

The benefits of using our AI tool is that they will save you time in your favorite game and help you progress much faster. Beacuse it is AI based, it needs no user input and can play 24/7, allowing you to outpace your competition.


The tool can be a bit complicated to set up and configure because you need to understand how to download and run android emulators. However, we do offer packages where we do the setup for you, and run the tool on our own machines.

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