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Hidden Door
Have you ever wished you could play a role in your favorite fictional world? Imagine being able to explore the lands of Middle-earth, Hogwarts, or Westeros with your friends, and interact with the characters and events that shape the story. Sounds like a dream come true, right?
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Well, that dream is closer to reality than you might think, thanks to Hidden Door, a game technology studio that is building the first narrative AI platform. Hidden Door's platform can adapt any existing work of fiction into an online social roleplaying game, where you can create your own character, join a group of other players, and experience the story in a new and immersive way.

Hidden Door was founded in 2020 by Hilary Mason and Matt Brandwein, two veterans of the AI and gaming industries. They assembled a team of game professionals and AI experts, who share a passion for storytelling, narrative games, and building with language AI. Their mission is to collaborate with storytellers from around the world, and create fan-focused story experiences for everyone.

Hidden Door's platform uses a proprietary generative AI engine, powered by GPT-4, that can understand the plot, characters, and themes of any work of fiction, and generate new content and scenarios based on them. The platform also allows players to influence the story with their choices and actions, creating a dynamic and personalized narrative that adapts to their preferences and play style.

Hidden Door is currently in development, and plans to launch a beta version soon. If you are interested in an early preview, you can join their waitlist on their website. You can also follow their blog, where they talk about storytelling, narrative games, building with language AI, and all of the fun of starting a company at the intersection of generative AI and games. For even more, you can join their Discord community, where you can chat with the team and other fans, share your feedback and ideas, and participate in exclusive events and contests.

Hidden Door is an exciting and innovative project that promises to revolutionize the way we experience stories. Whether you are a fan of fantasy, sci-fi, horror, romance, or any other genre, you will find something to love in Hidden Door's platform. So don't miss this opportunity to play in your favorite worlds, and discover a new kind of social roleplaying experience!

  •  It allows players to explore their favorite worlds and stories in a new way.
  •  It uses a proprietary generative AI platform that can adapt any existing work of fiction into an online game.
  •  It collaborates with storytellers from around the world to create immersive fan-focused story experiences.
  •  It has a diverse and experienced team of game professionals and AI experts.
  •  It has received funding and support from notable investors such as CTO of Roblox and founder of del.icio.us .


  •  It is still in early development and has not launched any games yet .
  •  It faces competition from other narrative games and platforms that use generative AI.
  •  It may encounter technical and ethical challenges with using AI to generate content.
  •  It may have to deal with legal and intellectual property issues with adapting existing works of fiction.
  •  It may have difficulty attracting and retaining players and creators who are loyal to the original works of fiction.

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