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Design Assistant

CandyIcons is a platform that helps you find and create the perfect app icon for your product using artificial intelligence. Whether you need an icon for your website, iOS, Android, or macOS app, CandyIcons has you covered with thousands of stunning AI-generated icons in various categories and styles.
starts from $3

You can browse through the massive collection of app icons and choose the one that suits your product best. You can also customize the shape, color, and size of the icon to fit your design preferences. Once you find your ideal icon, you can obtain the exclusive rights to use it for your product and download it in high-resolution PNG format.

CandyIcons also offers a free favicon generator tool that allows you to create a unique favicon for your website in a few simple steps. Just upload your app icon, select your preferred shape, and download the favicon assets. Then, copy and paste the code into the head section of your HTML and enjoy your new favicon.

CandyIcons is more than just an app icon generator. It is a creative playground where you can explore and experiment with different app icon designs using AI. Whether you need inspiration, guidance, or a ready-made solution, CandyIcons can help you create stunning app icons in minutes.

  •  It offers a large collection of **stunning app icons** generated by AI  .
  •  It allows users to **create their own app icons** using various colors, objects, and styles  .
  •  It provides a **custom favicon generator** and an **app icon assets generator** for different platforms .
  •  It gives users **full copyright ownership** and exclusive rights to use, reproduce, distribute, and create derivatives of the icons .

  •  It may not have icons for every niche or category that users may need.
  •  It may not guarantee the originality or uniqueness of the icons, as they are based on AI models that may generate similar outputs.
  •  It may not offer refunds or exchanges if users are not satisfied with the icons they purchased or created.
  •  It may not provide customer support or feedback for users who encounter issues or have questions.

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