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If you are a podcast lover, you might have faced some challenges while searching for the best podcasts to listen to. You might have spent hours browsing through different categories, genres, and ratings, only to end up with a list of podcasts that are either too long, too boring, or too irrelevant to your interests. You might have wished for a better way to discover podcasts that match your curiosity and mood.
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Well, your wish has come true with Fathom, the podcast player of the future. Fathom is an app that uses artificial intelligence to help you find podcasts at the speed of thought. Fathom lets you search for podcasts by asking natural language questions, such as "Where will AI take us?" or "What are the best podcasts about consciousness?". Fathom then takes you to the exact moments in podcasts where they are discussing your query, saving you time and effort.

Fathom also provides you with transcripts, chapters, clipping, and highlights of every podcast episode, so you can easily follow along, skip to the parts that interest you, or share your favorite snippets with others. Fathom has indexed the actual content within all podcasts out there, so you can explore the depths of human conversation uninhibited.

Fathom is not just a podcast player, it's a podcast discovery platform. Fathom helps you find podcasts that you might not have considered before, based on your interests and preferences. Fathom also shows you reviews and ratings from other listeners who share your taste in podcasts. Fathom is like Tinder for podcasts, but unlike "that" dating app, you're much less likely to regret your matches.

If you are interested in learning more about Fathom, you can visit their website at https://hello.fathom.fm/ or download their app from the App Store. You can also read their story and vision on their About page, or check out their features for creators if you are a podcaster yourself. Fathom is revolutionizing the way we listen to podcasts, and you don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

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  • Fathom allows you to discover podcasts at the speed of thought with mind-blowing AI-powered Search, Transcripts, Chapters, Clipping, and Highlights.
  • Fathom enables you to search for natural-language questions and jump straight to moments in podcasts where they are discussing exactly that.
  • Fathom has a preview function that takes you to the best/most relevant part of the podcast.
  • Fathom has 98% five-star ratings on the app store and positive reviews from users who love its features.
  • Fathom is creating embeddable widgets for podcasters to embed their AI-powered search and Fathom-hosted podcasts onto their website and anywhere on the web.
  • Fathom is still in beta and may have some bugs or glitches that need to be fixed.
  • Fathom may not have all the podcasts that you want to listen to or may not index them as fast as you would like.
  • Fathom may not work well with some devices or platforms that are not compatible with its technology.
  • Fathom may use a lot of data or battery power when streaming or downloading podcasts.
  • Fathom may have some privacy or security issues when handling your personal information or preferences.

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