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Crystal Knows is a platform that helps you communicate better with others based on their personality. It uses different personality models, such as DISC, Enneagram, and 16-Personality, to analyze and predict how people behave and what they prefer.
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You can use Crystal Knows to get personalized tips for writing emails, making calls, and having meetings with different types of people. You can also learn more about yourself and your coworkers by taking a free personality test and accessing various reports. Crystal Knows aims to help you build empathy and rapport with anyone you interact with.

  • Crystal can help you communicate better with different personality types by giving you tailored suggestions for emails, calls, and meetings.
  • Crystal can also help you improve your internal communication with your team and become a more empathetic leader.
  • Crystal offers a free personality test based on the 16-Personality model, which can help you learn more about yourself and others.

  • Crystal requires you to sign in with your work email, which may not be convenient or secure for some users.
  • Crystal may not be accurate or reliable in predicting the personality of your prospects, as it relies on limited data and assumptions.

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