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If you are looking for a company that can create immersive experiences that span the physical and the digital worlds, you might want to check out Hexagram.

 Hexagram is a software development company that uses artificial intelligence and cloud services to create interactive narratives, alternate reality games, blended reality, and metaverse experiences. Hexagram has a development studio that uses Saga, their own experience creation platform, to make linear and interactive entertainment blend together for mass market audiences. Hexagram has offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Dubai, and has partnered with XLA to develop the Metasites 3D internet framework. Hexagram is building the infinite game, and you can join them by visiting their website or following them on LinkedIn.

  •  Hexagram creates immersive experiences that combine physical and digital worlds
  •  Hexagram uses artificial intelligence and cloud services to enhance its products
  • Hexagram has a diverse portfolio of projects, including games, interactive narratives, and metaverse platforms
  •  Hexagram has a strong team of experts in experience design, experience tools, and game development
  •  Hexagram collaborates with partners such as Microsoft and XLA to deliver innovative solutions

  •  Hexagram is a relatively new company that may face challenges in scaling up and competing with established players
  •  Hexagram's products may require high-end devices and internet connections that are not accessible to everyone
  •  Hexagram's products may raise ethical and social issues regarding data privacy, content moderation, and user safety
  •  Hexagram's products may be affected by technical glitches, bugs, or cyberattacks that could compromise their quality and security
  •  Hexagram's products may have limited appeal or relevance for some audiences who prefer traditional or non-immersive forms of entertainment

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