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Jobscan is a website that helps job seekers optimize their resumes and cover letters for different job applications.
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Paid plans start from $30/mo.

It uses artificial intelligence and data from real hiring managers to analyze how well a resume matches a job description. Jobscan gives feedback on how to improve the resume's keywords, skills, format, and other aspects. Jobscan also offers various tools and resources to help job seekers with their career goals, such as interview preparation, networking, and salary negotiation.

  • It helps you optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems (ATS) and recruiters by matching your skills and keywords to the job listing .
  • It offers a free resume builder, a cover letter scanner, a LinkedIn profile optimizer, a job tracker, and a job matcher .
  • It uses AI technology to analyze your resume and give you personalized tips and feedback .
  • It requires you to upload your resume or paste it as text, which might not be convenient or secure for some users .
  • It might not be able to capture all the nuances and variations of different ATS and recruiter preferences .
  • It might not be compatible with some resume formats or languages .

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