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JobtitlesAI: A Machine-Learning Solution for Job Title Classification If you work in marketing, sales, or recruitment, you know how important it is to segment your leads and prospects by their job titles. However, you also know how challenging it can be to do it manually, especially when there are thousands of different job titles out there, often written in different languages, formats, and styles.
Paid plans start from $8/mo

That's why JobtitlesAI is a game-changer. JobtitlesAI is a machine-learning API that accurately classifies any job title into two categories: field (sales, finance, I.T., etc.) and position (executive, management, assistant, etc.). This way, you can easily prioritize the ones you're interested in and automate your workflows.

JobtitlesAI is not based on a predefined list of job titles, but on a sophisticated algorithm that understands the meaning and context of each job title. It can handle plurals, genders, synonyms, abbreviations, and even typos. It also supports multiple languages, including French and English, with more coming soon.

You can use JobtitlesAI in various ways: upload a CSV file and get a qualified file back; use it in spreadsheets with a simple formula; integrate it with Hubspot with a handy extension; or use it directly with the API. You can try it for free with 200 credits and then choose a plan that suits your needs.

JobtitlesAI is the best segmentation tool for marketing professionals who want to save time and money while improving their results. It's also GDPR compliant and does not collect any personal data from your leads. If you want to learn more about how JobtitlesAI works and what benefits it can bring to your business, visit their website or read their preliminary research.

  •  It can help marketers, salespeople, recruiters, and job seekers to segment and prioritize their lists of leads, contacts, candidates, and opportunities
  •  It can save time and effort by automating the tedious and error-prone task of manually sorting and filtering job titles
  •  It can handle multiple languages, genres, plurals, and semantic meanings of job titles, thanks to its machine learning model that continuously learns and improves

  •  It may not cover all the possible variations and nuances of job titles, especially for niche or emerging fields and positions
  •  It may not be able to distinguish between similar or overlapping categories, such as management and leadership, or finance and accounting
  •  It may not be compatible with some platforms or systems that require a different format or structure of job title classification

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