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Level AI
If you are looking for a way to improve your contact center performance, customer satisfaction, and business insights, you might want to check out Level AI, a software company that uses advanced AI and NLU to automate outdated workflows for support agents and QA teams.

Level AI (https://thelevel.ai) is a Mountain View, CA and Delhi, India based startup that was founded in 2018 by Ashish Nagar, a former Amazon Alexa AI leader and Stanford GSB alum. The company is backed by top VCs, technologists from Silicon Valley, and industry experts. Their mission is to augment the worker and not replace them, by using speech AI, NLP, and information retrieval systems to bring customers and businesses closer to one another.

Level AI offers a platform that can mine customer call data to gain 100x more valuable insights into your business. Their leading AI engine automatically extracts all sorts of analytics from your unstructured omnichannel customer data: from call center data and QA reports, to valuable business insights like customer or product analytics.

Some of the key features of Level AI include:

- Omnichannel CX Insights: See exactly what’s happening across voice calls, email, and chat conversations – from agent performance to QA scores of individual agents or teams.
- Uncover Critical Insights With Custom Reports: Generate custom reports, track your most important metrics, apply filters, group data, and much more with Level AI’s Query Builder™.
- Keep Your Stakeholders On The Same Page: Level AI is focused around VoC (Voice of Customer) and can automatically deliver custom reports to contact center leaders, as well as other business teams, such as product and compliance.
- Integrate With Your Favorite Data Analytics Tools: Combine your contact center data with your favorite analytics and business intelligence tools. The Level AI API allows you to seamlessly push large amounts of data to and from the platform.

Level AI also leverages the power of GPT models to revolutionize contact centers and customer service. GPT models are generative AI models that can produce natural language texts based on a given input. Level AI uses GPT models to create ChatGPT™, a feature that can generate natural and engaging responses for customers across different channels. ChatGPT™ can also assist agents with suggestions and scripts, as well as automate repetitive tasks and workflows.

Level AI has been praised by its customers for its user-friendly interface, practical features, and innovative conversation intelligence platform. The company claims that it can help contact centers reduce costs, increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and gain competitive advantage.

If you are interested in learning more about Level AI and how it can transform your contact center operations, you can visit their website (https://thelevel.ai), schedule a demo, or download their e-book on how companies are using analytics to uncover insights and boost contact center performance.

  •  Level AI provides omnichannel contact and call center analytics that can help businesses gain valuable insights from their customer data.
  •  Level AI uses a proprietary AI engine that can understand customer intent with 2X the accuracy of keyword-based systems and provide real-time guidance to agents.
  •  Level AI enables autonomous learning and coaching for agents by evaluating every interaction and providing feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  •  Level AI integrates with various data analytics and knowledge base tools and supports different document formats, making it easy to access and use existing resources.
  •  Level AI offers custom reports, scenarios, and metrics that can be tailored to the specific needs and goals of each business.

  •  Level AI is a relatively new startup that may not have a proven track record or a large customer base compared to other established players in the market.
  •  Level AI may require a significant investment in terms of time, money, and training to implement and use effectively, especially for large or complex contact centers.
  •  Level AI may not be compatible with some legacy systems or platforms that are widely used in the contact center industry, such as IVR or CRM systems.
  •  Level AI may pose some privacy or security risks if it handles sensitive or personal customer data, especially across different channels and regions.
  •  Level AI may not be able to handle some rare or complex customer issues that require human judgment or expertise, such as escalations or complaints.

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