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Manifest AI
If you are looking for a way to boost your e-commerce sales, improve your customer experience, and leverage the power of artificial intelligence, you should check out Manifest AI. Manifest AI is a GPT-powered shopping assistant that integrates with your Shopify store and helps your customers find the right products for their needs.
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Manifest AI uses natural language processing and deep learning to understand your customers' queries, preferences, and behavior. It can showcase your top products, help them discover new products, provide more details about specific products, or even compare multiple products. It can also generate captivating prompts that engage your customers throughout their purchase journey and reduce drop-offs.

Manifest AI is easy to set up and customize. You can add it to your Shopify store in minutes and start seeing results right away. You can also tailor it to your brand voice, style, and tone. You can monitor its performance and get insights into your customers' behavior and feedback.

Manifest AI is more than just a chatbot. It is a smart and friendly shopping assistant that can make your e-commerce store stand out from the competition. It can help you increase conversions, loyalty, and retention by providing personalized and relevant recommendations to your customers.

  • It provides an AI-powered shopping assistant that can suggest products, respond to queries, and keep customers interested on your website, which can boost your sales and conversions.
  • It prevents customer drop-offs by showing them an enticing prompt when they were about to exit your website, and by simplifying and speeding up the buying process.
  • It uses GPT technology to create natural and captivating prompts that are customized to the customer's browsing behavior and preferences.
  • It works well with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms, and you can get it up and running in minutes.
  • It gives a free trial and a free access offer for attendees of its launch event.
  • It is a fairly new product and may not have many reviews or testimonials from other users yet.
  • It may only support English, or it may have limited support for other languages.
  • It may not be able to answer complex or technical questions that need more than text-based answers, such as images or videos.
  • It may not work with some browsers or devices, or it may have some bugs or glitches that need to be fixed.
  • It may not handle high volumes of traffic or requests, or it may have some restrictions on the number of products or categories it can handle.

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