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If you are looking for a way to personalize your customer experiences with AI, you might want to check out maya.ai, a product of Crayon Data, a Singapore-based big data company. maya.ai is a personalization platform that helps enterprises bridge the gap between their customers' tastes and their offerings. In this blog post, I will explain what maya.ai is, how it works, and what benefits it can bring to your business.

What is maya.ai?

maya.ai is an AI-powered personalization platform that uses a proprietary TasteGraph™ to understand and predict customer preferences based on their behavior. It analyzes billions of customer transactions across various domains and categories, and creates a unique taste profile for each customer. Based on these profiles, maya.ai can deliver personalized recommendations, offers, and experiences to each customer across multiple channels and touchpoints.

How does maya.ai work?

maya.ai works by integrating with your existing data sources and systems, such as CRM, POS, e-commerce, loyalty programs, etc. It then uses its Choice API to provide you with various capabilities to personalize your customer interactions. Some of these capabilities are:

- TasteCollection: This allows you to create curated collections of products or services based on customer tastes and preferences. You can use these collections to power your marketing campaigns, newsletters, websites, apps, etc.
- TasteMatch: This gives you a score between 0 and 100 that indicates how well a product or service matches a customer's taste. You can use this score to rank and filter your offerings, and to provide personalized suggestions and feedback.
- Search: This enables you to enhance your search functionality with taste-based relevance. You can use this to improve your search results, autocomplete suggestions, and related queries.
- Recommendation Summary: This provides you with a concise explanation of why a product or service is recommended to a customer based on their taste profile. You can use this to increase trust and transparency, and to encourage conversions.

What are the benefits of maya.ai?

maya.ai can help you achieve various business outcomes by personalizing your customer experiences with AI. Some of these outcomes are:

- Increase revenue: By providing relevant and tailored choices to your customers, you can boost their engagement, loyalty, and spending. maya.ai claims to increase revenue by 3-7% for its clients.
- Reduce wastage: By avoiding irrelevant and generic campaigns that don't yield ROI, you can save time and money. maya.ai claims to reduce wastage by 20-30% for its clients.
- Get personal: By treating every customer as an individual and not as a segment or a demographic, you can build lasting relationships with them. maya.ai claims to deliver over 9 million personalized digital storefronts for its clients.
- Privacy first: By using pseudonymized transaction data and not personally identifiable information (PII), you can respect your customers' privacy and comply with data protection regulations. maya.ai is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified.


maya.ai is a powerful personalization platform that can help you deliver unique and relevant choices to your customers based on their tastes and preferences. It can help you increase your revenue, reduce your wastage, get personal with your customers, and respect their privacy. If you are interested in learning more about maya.ai or requesting a demo, you can visit their website at https://maya.ai/.

  •  maya.ai helps banks deliver real-time personalization to their customers based on their tastes and lifestyles
  •  maya.ai can boost revenues by 3-7% by activating dormant customers and increasing spends across the portfolio
  •  maya.ai can transform raw data to personalized customer experiences in just 2 weeks and launch campaigns in under 45 minutes
  • maya.ai can build unique personal taste profiles for each customer and deliver personalized digital storefronts
  •  maya.ai is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified and does not use personally identifiable information (PII)

  •  maya.ai is a relatively new product and may not have enough customer reviews or testimonials to validate its claims
  •  maya.ai may face competition from other AI-powered personalization platforms that offer similar or better features
  •  maya.ai may not be compatible with all types of data sources or formats and may require data cleansing or integration efforts
  •  maya.ai may not be able to handle complex or dynamic customer preferences or behaviors that change over time or context
  •  maya.ai may not be affordable or accessible for small or medium-sized enterprises that have limited budgets or resources

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