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Moon VR Home Skybox AI
Moon VR Home Skybox AI

Moon VR Home Skybox AI

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Moon VR Home Skybox AI
Moon VR Home Skybox AI allow Oculus Quest users to generate, preview, and one-click download to effortlessly customize your Quest Home Skybox (v54+).
Mobile App No Signup Required

Moon VR Home Skybox-AI is an AI skybox generator officially approved by Blockade Labs. Generate free skybox images with AI and easily make it your VR home. Many quest users have the need to customize their skyboxes, and obviously the official ones available to users nowadays are not able to meet the customization needs of these people, so our product can help users generate their own unique skyboxes with their favorite keywords

  1. Free
  2. Seamless use of basic wavenumber functions
  3. Use fine-tuned model (provided by Blockade) for 360 images/skybox to generate better results
  4. Multiple preset styles available
  5. Real-time 360 degree preview of generated images in VR and save them locally
  6. (Subsequent new features) can browse, favorite, save community users' works, copy prompt words
  1. Still in the early stage, the function is more basic, there are many new features in development
  2. Interaction within VR can be further optimized
  3. The generation cost is high, and there is a limit to the number of times the user can generate

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