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Jenni AI is a website that helps you write better and faster with the help of artificial intelligence. Jenni AI can assist you with different types of writing, such as essays, blog posts, literature reviews, personal statements, stories, and speeches. Jenni AI can also help you with citations, translations, paraphrasing, and plagiarism checking.
Free Trial
Paid plans start from $12/mo
Jenni AI is not just a tool, but a partner in your writing process. Jenni AI works with you as you write, giving you suggestions and feedback along the way. You can choose your tone and style for personalized AI generations. You can also use Jenni's editing commands to control the AI and make it do what you want.
Jenni AI is powered by a combination of in-house AI systems, GPT4 and ChatGPT. Jenni AI uses fine-tune controls and custom data from each user to generate the highest quality content on the market. Jenni AI also supports multiple languages and citation formats.
Jenni AI is trusted by universities and corporations across the world. Jenni AI has helped write over 850 million words for more than 1 million users. Jenni AI is the most advanced writing system available today.
If you want to supercharge your writing with Jenni AI, you can start writing for free today. You can also choose from different pricing plans that suit your needs and budget. Jenni AI is simple, transparent, and affordable.
Jenni AI is the ultimate AI assistant for writers. Jenni AI will help you unleash your creativity and achieve your writing goals. Try Jenni AI today and never look back.
  • Jenni AI is a powerful writing assistant that can help you write faster, better, and more creatively.
  •  Jenni AI can generate text in multiple languages, styles, and formats, and can also translate and paraphrase text.
  • Jenni AI is not available on mobile devices yet.
  • Jenni AI may occasionally write sentences that are similar to existing ones on the web.

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