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NocodeBooth is a web app template that lets you create your own AI image generation platform without coding. You can customize your prompts and styles, charge your customers, and manage your orders with ease.
starts from $149

 NocodeBooth has many features, such as:

- User registration and login with Google
- Payment integration with Stripe
- Fully automated image generation and email notifications
- Admin dashboard to create and edit prompts and styles
- Referral program to reward your customers
- Responsive landing page and user dashboard
- Playground to test new prompts and styles

NocodeBooth is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to launch their own AI image generation app with nocode. You can get the template here: https://www.nocodebooth.com/

  •  It allows you to launch your own AI image generation platform without coding.
  •  It has built-in features such as user registration, payment system, referral system, email notifications and admin dashboard.
  •  It is completely customizable and responsive to different devices and screen sizes.
  •  It uses Dreambooth to train user-uploaded images with custom prompts and styles.

  •  It requires a one-time payment of $149 or $249 to get the template.
  •  It depends on Bubble.io as the hosting platform and Stripe as the payment gateway.
  •  It may have limited scalability and performance compared to a custom-built solution.
  •  It may not support all types of AI image generation models or use cases.

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