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Persana AI is a company that provides a platform for sales teams to increase their productivity and conversions. It uses artificial intelligence to create personalized emails, identify qualified leads, and track customer behavior.
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Persana AI integrates with various sales tools and data sources to give a holistic view of each customer. Persana AI claims that its platform can deliver 6x higher transaction rate and 70% more conversions through data-driven personalization. Persana AI is part of YCombinator's W23 batch and is currently accepting early access requests on its website.

  • Persana AI helps businesses identify qualified leads and send personalized outreach at scale.
    - Persana AI uses historical data, CRM data, and public data to create holistic customer profiles and compelling emails.
  • Persana AI notifies the sales team whenever there is an intent signal from a lead, such as visiting the website or getting funding.
  • Persana AI answers questions fast and consolidates data from different sales tools in an easy to use manner.
  • Persana AI delivers higher transaction rate and more conversions through data driven personalization.
  • Persana AI is still in beta and requires booking a call to get started.
  • Persana AI may not work well with some email platforms or CRM systems that are not integrated.
  • Persana AI may generate emails that are too similar or not suitable for some leads or contexts.
  • Persana AI may not be able to handle complex or custom use cases that require human intervention or creativity.
  • Persana AI may raise privacy or ethical concerns about how it collects and uses customer data.

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