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Video Generator

Phenaki is a new technology that can generate realistic videos from text descriptions. It was developed by Google Research and uses a combination of machine learning models to compress videos into tokens, translate text into tokens, and de-tokenize tokens into videos. Phenaki can create videos of variable length and quality, based on a sequence of textual prompts that can change over time. For example, Phenaki can generate a video of a teddy bear swimming in the ocean, going underwater, and meeting a panda bear, just by using these sentences as prompts.

Phenaki is a breakthrough in video synthesis, as it can handle open-domain and time-variable prompts, unlike previous methods that were limited by data availability and computational cost. Phenaki can also generate videos from a still image and a prompt, such as zooming into the eye of a cat or making it yawn. Phenaki has many potential applications, such as entertainment, education, storytelling, and art.

To learn more about Phenaki, you can read the paper published by Google Research or watch some example videos generated by Phenaki on their website or YouTube channel.

  • It can generate videos of variable length and quality, up to two minutes long
  • It can handle open-domain and time-variable prompts, such as stories or descriptions
  • It leverages a large corpus of image-text pairs and a smaller number of video-text examples to generalize beyond video datasets
  • It requires high computational cost and resources to train and run the model
    It may produce unrealistic or inconsistent results for some prompts or domains
  • It may raise ethical or legal issues regarding the use and ownership of the generated videos

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