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Image Generator

Phygital+ is a web-based platform that allows users to work with neural networks and create, transform and enhance images, videos and 3D models. It offers a variety of features and tools, such as Stable Diffusion, ControlNet, DreamBooth, ChatGPT, Lexica, Skyboxes, Magic Brush, Inpainting, Outpainting, Face Restore, Image Segmentation, Text-to-3D and more. Phygital+ also integrates with other AI services, such as Lexica.art and DALL-E 2.
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Paid plans start from $15/mo

Phygital+ aims to make AI accessible and affordable for anyone who wants to become an AI creator of the future. It has three pricing plans: Free, Advanced and Premium. The Free plan allows users to generate up to 150 images or videos per month using some of the basic features. The Advanced plan costs $15 per month and allows users to generate up to 1000 images or videos per month using more advanced features, such as DreamBooth and ControlNet. The Premium plan offers unlimited generations and access to all features, including private Stable Diffusion checkpoints.

Phygital+ is not just a tool, but also a community of AI enthusiasts and creators. Users can chat with each other, share their creations and get inspired by the weekly AI Library Digest. Phygital+ also provides tutorials and templates to help users get started and learn more about AI.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of AI and creating amazing content with neural networks, you can try out Phygital+ for free by visiting their website. You can also check out their AI Library to discover more than 1200 AI tools and colabs for different tasks and domains.

  • It is easy to use and does not require coding or installation. Users can simply drag and drop nodes and connect them to create workflows.
  • It has a large and diverse AI library with over 1200 AI tools and colabs that users can explore and use for different tasks.
  • It supports various input and output formats, such as images, videos, text, 3D models, audio and more.
  • It allows users to train their own models using DreamBooth or use private checkpoints for Stable Diffusion in the premium plan.
  • It has a creators chat where users can interact with other AI enthusiasts and share their creations.
  • It is still in beta stage and may have bugs or errors.
  • It has limited storage space for files and models. Users can only store up to 10 GB of files and up to 10 models in the premium plan.
  • It may not have all the features or models that users need or want. For example, it does not have image captioning, video editing, speech synthesis or recognition, etc .
  • It may have ethical or legal issues regarding the use of AI-generated content. Users should be aware of the potential risks of plagiarism, copyright infringement, privacy violation, etc.
  • It may be expensive for some users who need more generations or access to more models and tools. The premium plan costs $99 per month which may not be affordable for everyone.

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