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If you are looking for a way to improve your reading speed, comprehension, and retention, you might want to check out Speechify. Speechify is a text to speech app that can convert any text into natural sounding voice. You can use it to listen to books, articles, PDFs, emails, and any other written content on your devices.
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Paid plans start from $139/yr

How Speechify Can Help You Read Faster and Better

Speechify has many features and benefits that make it stand out from other text to speech apps. Here are some of them:

- Speechify has high-quality AI voices that sound more human-like than any other text to speech app. You can choose from dozens of voices in different languages and accents.
- Speechify lets you listen at any speed you want. You can adjust the speed from 0.5x to 9x, depending on your preference and level of comfort. You can also use the smart pause feature to add natural pauses between sentences and paragraphs.
- Speechify syncs across all your devices, so you can listen to anything, anywhere, anytime. You can use the Chrome extension to listen to web pages, the iOS or Android app to listen to files or photos, or the desktop app to listen to documents or ebooks.
- Speechify helps you boost your understanding and memory. You can use the highlight feature to follow along with the text as you listen, or the repeat feature to replay a sentence or paragraph. You can also use the dictionary feature to look up definitions of words you don't know.
- Speechify makes reading more enjoyable and accessible. You can use it to read faster and more efficiently, or to relax and enjoy your favorite books. You can also use it to overcome reading challenges such as dyslexia, ADHD, or visual impairment.

Speechify is the best text to speech app for anyone who wants to read more and better. You can try it for free today and see for yourself how it can transform your reading experience.

  •  Speechify can convert any text into natural-sounding voice over audio in real time.
  •  Speechify can help users boost their understanding, focus, and memory by listening to their content instead of reading it.
  •  Speechify offers a variety of high-quality AI voices, including celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Snoop Dogg.
  •  Speechify can sync across devices and platforms, allowing users to listen to anything, anywhere, anytime.
  •  Speechify has a free plan and an affordable subscription plan for more features and benefits.


  •  Speechify may not be able to capture the tone, emotion, or context of some texts accurately.
  •  Speechify may not support some languages or accents that users may prefer or need.
  •  Speechify may require internet connection or data usage for some functions or voices.
  •  Speechify may have some bugs or glitches that affect its performance or user experience.
  •  Speechify may face competition from other text to speech apps or services that offer similar or better features or quality.

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