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Puzzle Labs is a platform that helps you create and manage a glossary for your product or website. A glossary is a collection of definitions for key terms and concepts that are related to your content

With Puzzle Labs, you can import your existing content from various sources, such as WordPress, Medium, HTML, or markdown. Then, you can select the concepts that best define your product or website and write clear and concise definitions for them. Puzzle Labs also provides a widget that you can embed into your blog or documentation to highlight, define, and link to relevant content. This way, you can help your customers understand your product better and learn from you instead of a search engine. Puzzle Labs uses artificial intelligence to analyze your content and suggest concepts for your glossary. It also helps you keep your glossary updated and consistent across your website. Puzzle Labs aims to make understanding complex information easy and enjoyable for everyone.

  •  It helps you create a dynamic glossary that provides clear and concise definitions of key terms and concepts related to your product.
  •  It can be easily integrated with your existing content platforms such as WordPress, Medium, HTML, markdown, etc.
  •  It improves customer onboarding and education by helping them learn from you and not from a search engine.

  •  It may not cover all the nuances and contexts of your product terminology, especially if it is very domain-specific or technical.
  •  It may require some manual editing and updating of the glossary to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  •  It may not be compatible with some website designs or layouts that do not support the Puzzle widget.

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