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Quicklines.ai is a website that offers a lifetime access to an AI-powered assistant that helps you write personalized first lines for your cold emails. Cold emails are emails that you send to potential customers or clients who have not contacted you before. The goal of cold emails is to get more replies, meetings, and sales.
starts from $59

Quicklines.ai works by scraping relevant information from your prospect's LinkedIn profile, such as their name, job title, company, industry, skills, interests, and achievements. Then, it uses its proprietary AI to generate natural and authentic first lines that show that you have done your research and that you have something valuable to offer. You can choose from 1-5 first lines per contact and copy them to your email software.

Quicklines.ai claims to be 40 times faster and 6 times cheaper than hiring humans to write your first lines. It also claims to have a 90%+ success rate on ready-to-send first lines that require no post-editing. Quicklines.ai has helped over 1,000 businesses generate interested leads from their cold outreach campaigns.

Quicklines.ai is not just a tool, but also a course. It offers a free expert cold email course that teaches you how to create valuable lead lists, write compelling copy that converts, and set up your cold email infrastructure. The course consists of four videos that cover the basics of cold email strategy.

Quicklines.ai is a cheat code for cold outreach. It helps you save time, money, and effort while getting better results from your cold email campaigns. It is a lifetime deal that costs only $59 once and gives you 300 credits per month forever. A credit is used for each contact that you want to generate first lines for.

If you want to learn more about Quicklines.ai or get lifetime access to it, you can visit their website at https://www.quicklines.ai/.

  •  It saves you time and money by writing first lines faster and cheaper than humans.
  •  It increases your reply rate and conversions by making your cold emails more personalized and relevant .
  •  It eliminates the need for spreadsheets and virtual assistants by providing a simple and easy-to-use platform.

  •  It requires you to have LinkedIn profile URLs of your prospects, which may not be available or accurate for some niches or markets.
  •  It may not be able to write first lines for every type of prospect or offer, depending on the data available and the AI's capabilities
  •  It may not suit your budget or needs if you require more than 300 credits per month or want more features or customization options .

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