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Coqui is a company that specializes in open speech technology and generative AI. In this blog post, we will introduce you to Coqui and its products, and explain why you should give them a try.
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Coqui was founded in 2016 by former Mozilla employees who wanted to create open source solutions for speech recognition and synthesis. They developed two projects: STT (Speech-to-Text) and TTS (Text-to-Speech), which are based on deep learning models and can be trained on any language or domain. Coqui also contributed to the creation of open speech datasets, such as Common Voice, which are essential for training and evaluating speech models.

One of the main goals of Coqui is to democratize speech technology and make it accessible to everyone. That's why they launched Coqui Studio, a web platform that allows you to create realistic and emotive voice overs using generative AI. Coqui Studio lets you clone any voice from 3 seconds of audio, design your own voice from scratch, or choose from a collection of available AI voices. You can also adjust the style, pace, and emotions of any voice, and edit your voice overs with advanced tools such as pitch control, multiple takes, and timeline editor. You can use Coqui Studio for various purposes, such as dubbing, podcasting, audiobooks, gaming, and more.

Coqui Studio is free to try with 30 minutes of synthesis time. You can also pay for what you use or subscribe to a plan that suits your needs. Coqui Studio is compatible with Coqui TTS, so you can use the same models and voices on both platforms. Coqui also offers an API that enables you to integrate Coqui Studio with your own applications.

If you are interested in open speech technology and generative AI, you should definitely check out Coqui and its products. You will be amazed by the quality and versatility of their AI voices, and the possibilities they offer for your creative projects. To learn more about Coqui, visit their website at https://coqui.ai/ or follow them on GitHub at https://github.com/coqui-ai/.

  • Coqui.ai is an open source platform for speech technology, which means anyone can access, use, and contribute to its projects .
  • Coqui.ai offers realistic, emotive text-to-speech through generative AI, which can clone any voice from 3 seconds of audio and adjust its style, pace, and emotions.
  • Coqui.ai provides a user-friendly interface for voice synthesis, editing, and directing, with features such as multiple takes, timeline editor, project management, and team collaboration.
  • Coqui.ai is still a relatively new platform, which means it may have some bugs, limitations, or compatibility issues with different devices or applications.
  • Coqui.ai relies on deep learning models for speech synthesis, which may require a lot of computational resources and data to train and run.
  • Coqui.ai may raise some ethical or legal concerns regarding voice cloning, such as privacy, consent, authenticity, or misuse of someone's voice.

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