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Symbl.ai is a company that makes software for understanding human conversations. They call it "Human Intelligence Platform". It can help businesses and people to do better things with their conversations.
Paid plans start from $0.027 / minute
For example, Symbl.ai can help salespeople to know what their customers want, how they feel, and what they should do next. Symbl.ai can also help customer service agents to solve problems faster, be more friendly, and make customers happy. Symbl.ai can also help HR managers to hire and keep good employees, by giving them feedback and tips on their interviews and reviews. Symbl.ai can also help employees and customers to communicate better, by showing them what topics they talked about, what emotions they had, and what actions they need to take.
Symbl.ai works with different types of conversations, such as video, audio, text, or phone calls. It can process conversations in real-time or after they are done. It can also generate summaries and insights from conversations automatically.
Symbl.ai is easy to use for developers and businesses. It has simple APIs that let you build your own solutions for your specific needs. It also has high security standards and support for different regulations.
If you want to learn more about Symbl.ai, you can visit their website or request a demo. You can also sign up for a free account and try it yourself
  • Symbl.ai can help you get more out of your conversations by providing real-time insights and actions.
  • Symbl.ai can work with different types of conversations, such as sales, customer service, HR, communications, and meetings.
  • Symbl.ai has a developer-friendly API that lets you customize and integrate conversation intelligence solutions for your business or application.
  • Symbl.ai has enterprise-grade security and support, including compliance with various standards and regulations.
  • Symbl.ai offers a free sign up and a complimentary AI exploration workshop to show you what's possible with conversation intelligence.

  • Symbl.ai may not be able to understand or process some conversations that are too complex, noisy, or informal.
  • Symbl.ai may not be able to provide accurate or relevant insights for some domains or use cases that are not well-defined or supported.
  • Symbl.ai may require some training or configuration to adapt to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Symbl.ai may have some limitations or costs associated with its usage, such as data storage, bandwidth, or API calls.
  • Symbl.ai may face some competition or challenges from other conversation intelligence platforms or solutions in the market.

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