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General Writing

Verb is a novel writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to help authors plan, write and improve their stories. Unlike other writing apps that focus on grammar or text generation, Verb offers support for all aspects of the writing process, from outlining to revising.
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 Verb is designed to be a writing partner that understands your story and gives you feedback based on your goals and preferences. Whether you want to write a fantasy epic, a historical romance or a sci-fi thriller, Verb can help you craft your story with more pleasure and less pain.

  •  Verb is an AI-enhanced writing tool that helps fiction writers plan, write and critique their work.
  •  Verb offers story-centred features such as plot ideas, character development and genre analysis.
  • Verb is obsessively writer-led and designed to give authors more pleasure and less pain in their writing process.

  •  Verb is still in beta and may have bugs or limitations.
  •  Verb requires an internet connection and a Google or email account to use.
  •  Verb may not suit every writer's style or preference.

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