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General Writing

Outline is free to try and has simple pricing plans after. You can create unlimited documents, collaborate with others and store your files securely. You also get a certain amount of AI-generated words and assistant messages per month, which you can add more if needed.
Paid plans start from $15/mo

Outline is a collaborative document editor powered by artificial intelligence. It helps you write faster, better and easier by providing you with various features such as:

- AI continuation: You can have Outline continue writing where you left off, generate new ideas and inspire you to write more.
- AI commands: You can write simple commands and have the AI complete your tasks, such as summarizing a paragraph, finding synonyms or generating a title.
- AI editing tools: You can highlight text within your document and access powerful AI editing tools, such as rewriting sentences, checking grammar or adding citations.
- AI assistant: You can chat with your own personal AI assistant for facts, research and ideas. The assistant can answer your questions, suggest sources and help you with your writing.

Outline is a great tool for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills, overcome writer's block and save time and effort. Whether you are a student, a blogger, a marketer or a professional writer, Outline can help you create high-quality content with ease.

  •  It can generate text based on simple commands or continue writing where you left off, saving you time and effort.
  •  It has powerful AI editing tools that you can access by highlighting text within your document, such as rewriting sentences, finding facts, or generating ideas.
  •  It has a personal AI assistant that you can chat with for research and inspiration.
  •  It has a free trial and a simple pricing plan that allows you to add more words or messages as needed.
  •  It has positive reviews from users who have used it for various purposes, such as creating videos, product descriptions, or blog articles.

  •  It may not always produce accurate or original content, depending on the quality of your input and the complexity of your topic.
  •  It may not be able to capture your unique voice or style, especially if you have specific preferences or guidelines for your content.
  •  It may not be able to handle some types of documents, such as academic papers, legal documents, or technical manuals, that require more expertise or precision.
  •  It may not be compatible with some platforms or formats, such as WordPress, Google Docs, or PDFs, that you may want to use for your content.
  •  It may not be available in some languages or regions, depending on the availability of its AI services and data sources.

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