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Wave AI

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Wave AI
Wave is a platform that provides personalized coaching for professionals who want to grow and achieve their goals. Wave uses a combination of human coaches, advanced coaching science, technology and AI to create a tailored coaching experience for each client. Wave helps clients to discover their strengths, overcome their challenges, and unlock their potential.
Free Trial
Paid plans start from $99/mo

- You can access your coach anytime, anywhere, through the Wave app or website.
- You can choose from a variety of coaching topics, such as leadership, communication, productivity, well-being, and more.
- You can track your progress and get feedback from your coach and the Wave AI.
- You can join a community of like-minded professionals who are also on their coaching journey.

Wave is more than just a coach. It is your infinite partner for personal and professional growth.

  •  Wave helps you set and achieve your goals with the support of a human coach and an AI assistant.
  •  Wave adapts to your needs, preferences and learning style with a personalized coaching plan.
  •  Wave provides you with insights, feedback and resources to help you improve your skills and mindset.

  •  Wave is not a cheap service and may not be affordable for everyone.
  •  Wave requires you to commit to regular sessions and assignments, which may not fit your schedule or motivation level.
  •  Wave may not be able to address some specific issues or challenges that require specialized expertise or therapy.

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