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You.com is a new kind of search engine that uses artificial intelligence to give you a personalized and private search experience. Unlike other search engines, You.com does not track your data or show you ads. You can control what you see and how you see it on You.com.
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You.com is more than just a search engine. It is also a platform for creating and sharing AI-powered chat and apps. You can use You.com to chat with your favorite celebrities, learn new skills, play games, and more. You can also create your own chat and apps using You.com's easy-to-use tools and templates.

You.com is a search engine for the future. It is designed to help you find what you need, when you need it, and how you want it. You.com is your search engine. Try it today.

  •  You.com is a search engine built on artificial intelligence that provides users with a customized search experience.
  •  You.com keeps your data 100% private and does not track or sell your information.
  •  You.com allows you to control the sources and filters of your search results.
  •  You.com offers specialized search engines for different domains, such as code, health, and education.
  •  You.com is ad-free and does not show sponsored or irrelevant results.

  •  You.com is still in beta and may not have all the features or functionality of other search engines.
  •  You.com may not have as much coverage or diversity of information as other search engines that crawl the entire web.
  •  You.com may not be compatible with some browsers or devices that do not support artificial intelligence.
  •  You.com may require more user input or feedback to improve its search algorithms and personalization.
  •  You.com may face legal or ethical challenges from other search engines or regulators that may affect its availability or performance.

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