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Customer Support

Yuma AI is a company that provides an AI Ticket Assistant for customer support tools.
Free Trial
Paid plans start from $39/month

 It uses ChatGPT, a powerful natural language processing technology, to automate the drafting of responses for customer inquiries. Yuma AI integrates with popular help desk software such as Gorgias and Shopify, and can handle multiple languages and writing styles. Yuma AI was founded by Silicon Valley veterans in December 2022 and is backed by reputable investors. Yuma AI aims to help businesses adapt and leverage AI in this era of disruption.

  •  It integrates with your Help Desk software and automates the drafting of responses using GPT-3.
  •  It learns your writing style and brand voice from your past tickets.
  •  It retrieves live information from your Shopify products and pages.
  •  It supports 15 languages and auto-translation.
  •  It summarizes your conversation threads with customers.

  •  It is currently only compatible with Gorgias and Shopify, not other platforms.
  •  It may not always be confident or accurate in its responses.
  •  It may not handle complex or sensitive customer inquiries well.
  •  It may require constant supervision and feedback from agents.
  •  It may raise ethical or legal concerns about data privacy and consent.

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